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Two Women Who Got Cheated On By The Same Man Did Something Unthinkable!

A relationship is built on trust, and when one partner cheats on the other, breaking that trust to repair is difficult. In this story, two women who unknowingly cheated by a man decided to go on a holiday together, leaving him behind after discovering the truth.

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Image credits: Faith Amelia

Image credits: Faith Amelia

Troubling message from a stranger

Before everything happened, Faith Bistline was happy with her name, unworthy of a mentioning boyfriend. Kate even had planned to travel to Costa Rica for her 30th birthday. One day Faith received an unnerving text from a stranger asking if the man in the picture she recently shared was her boyfriend. She was skeptical at first.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay (not the actual photo)

No way could her lover be this disloyal; not even a single instance of cheating, but a committed relationship? Under the assumption that it was only a miscommunication, Faith decided to approach the boy about it. But he left her on “read” without explaining.

This man disrespected both women who loved him.

Soon after, Emely Ortiz, the other woman, sent Faith a text. She had been seeing the same guy for about a year and was convinced they were engaged. Faith and Emely needed to be positive even though their minds were full of doubts:but they were not in The Twilight Zone instead of dealing with a serial cheater.

They discovered that both are in the medical field and reside in Las Vegas, just like their unintentionally shared partner. Following a year of friendship, Faith and the man started dating in April 2021. As he was doing his residency, the man and Emely met at the clinic where she works as a medical assistant. In October 2021, he invited her on a date without letting her know he was already committed.

Image credits: Faith Amelia

Emily went to his apartment to confront the cheater.

When he finally replied to each of them, the man did not appear to take anything seriously, viewing the whole thing as a joke. Undoubtedly, he received a rejection from both of the women. Emely immediately rushed to his house and awaited the arrival of the stranger.

The following evening, when she returned to his apartment, she confronted him. And he first acted like he did not know what Emily was talking about and asked whether she was crazy. Then when she pulled up the texts, he confessed after apologizing to her.

Image credits: Faith Amelia

Faith and Emily healed their pain in a way no one thought.

The pain of betrayal can be overwhelming, and moving on and processing the emotions can take a long time. However, the hurt can sometimes lead to new discoveries, friendships, and a better understanding of oneself. Faith and Emely decided to go on holiday together and leave the cheating man behind.

Image credits: Faith Amelia

Faith said that she did not want to go alone. She thought it would help them both to go on this trip. And they deserved that; after they had gone through, Emely said that she hesitated a little before saying yes to the invitation. She said that she initially thought the girl was crazy. Nevertheless, since they were the only two aware of what they went through, she thought it could be beneficial for them to heal together.

Image credits: Hugo Alberto Hernández (not the actual photo)
Image credits: Faith Amelia

Faith shared the details of the trip on a Facebook post, and this experience allowed them to bond over their shared experience and created a lasting friendship. In the end, the best revenge is not one that leads to an assault charge, but rather, it is living your best life, just as Faith Bistline and Emely Ortiz did after finding out their boyfriend was lying to the two of them.

Image credits: Faith Amelia
Image credits: Faith Amelia

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