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Two in one- get Your Car Cleaned And Your Nails Done At This Super Beauty Parlor For You And The Vehicle.

This is something interesting and some unusual news about something fascinating. An all-female auto clinic! But not the usual type. This place does not only take care of your car. It is not just changing oil. Read this out to know what’s so special about this place. This auto clinic has drastically altered the relationship between women and the automobile industry. They offer all the salon services to their customers while their cars get cleaned.

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The engineer and mechanic Patrice Banks founded this stress-free space for the lady drivers. It also allows you to learn more about the vehicles in a more respectful and supportive way. The main reason for creating this space for the ladies is the frustration and the mistreatment the female drivers often face when they work with the male mechanics. It gave a solid reason to combat the frustration and abuse by empowering women to become lady mechanics or SHeCANics. Patrice even uses it as a Hashtag to describe herself. 

This super space was opened near Philadelphia in 2013. The unique thing about the area is its Clutch beauty bar. This has brought a whole new impression to the workshop. The services the beauty bar offers have a wide variation. They offer their customers pedicures, manicures, and blowouts while the cars get pampered on the other side of the premises. This is a beautiful chance for the ladies stressed out with driving, working, and all the chores and loads on their shoulders. A much-needed change that we all love having once in a while. 

This car clinic is one of the most special, with a unique concept and a marketing strategy that services both the service provider and the customer. You will get a freshly serviced car and a heart full of satisfaction for the traffic-stopping hair and nails.!

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