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This Intimidating Guy Took A Doll Shopping With Him- The Story Behind It Is Heartwarming!

You know that parents always wish to see their children happy. At times they go out of their way to make them smile. That is what this wonderful dad did too. Meet Keenan Watkins, from North Vernon, Indiana. Keenan is a dad of two adorable kids. At first glance, he looks intimidating- 6’’2 in height and covered in tattoos. However, he is nothing but a sweetheart to his children.

This dad puts his children’s happiness above anything else, even if it means babysitting a doll for a day.

It all started when Keenan’s daughter asked him to babysit her doll for a day. The ten-year-old also requested to take the doll shopping. She insisted that the toy needed outfits. Keenan knew that the toy named Davey was a treasure to his little kid. He could not say no to her. 

So he put his pride on the line and carried the doll to a Goodwill store.

Sadie Collins was a Goodwill employee working the day Keenan and Davey walked in.

She was amused at the sight of a tall, intimidating man carrying a child’s toy around. She was curious to know the reason. Once she heard the backstory, Sadie was surprised. She thought that Keenan’s parenting was inspiring, and people needed to know about it too. So she decided to share the story with the world.

She shared a photo of Keenan and Davey’s visit to the store. The picture shows a bearded, tattooed Keenan in a shirt labeled “Punisher,” with a doll strapped into his cart. 

 Submitting the photo to Love What Matters, Sadie wrote the sweet story behind the image in her post. This touching scenario quickly became popular among people.

In the post, Sadie said she could not help but ask Keenan why he was carrying a doll. When she asked, Keenan explained to her that it was his daughter’s doll named Davey. He told her that his little girl asked him to buy a new outfit for the toy. So Keenan drove to Goodwill and bought Davey two onesies. Keenan also said that he went to Walmart and bought some socks as well.

The employee, Sadie, was surprised and also touched by Keenan’s story. She could not believe how well he took care of his daughter’s doll. Sadie thought it was incredible. She also wondered how lucky his daughter was.

She wrote in her post, “This man sucked up all of his pride and went out of his way to a clothing store for a plastic doll just to make his daughter happy.”

Lots of people showered the post with kind words for this incredible dad.

Later on, Keenan saw the post on Love What Matters and used the page to explain himself.

Keenan wrote, ‘Davey and I went in; I grabbed a cart and strapped him in as promised to my daughter.

He admitted that once he was in the store, he was utterly lost. He did not know where to find clothes that fit the doll. So he decided to approach a young woman who appeared to work there. Keenan was, of course, nervous but decided to ask for her help anyway.

He wrote that the worker seemed nice. He hoped that she would not bite his head off if he asked his question. So he then went up to her and asked, “Miss, where are your clothes for babies?’ The worker must have been confused by this customer who had a doll strapped into his cart. Keenan wrote that although she was confused, she was nice enough to help him find newborn clothes.

Keenan added, “I’m just a Daddy that wants his kids to understand that I love them truly. I want them to be happy” For the sake of his kids, he does not hesitate to do it all over again. “I would gladly take on a potentially embarrassing situation to keep my promise to them.

Hundreds of commenters flooded in to appreciate this dad for treating his kid well. A dad, Ralph Cimmino, added his heartfelt response as well. He wrote that no matter how manly they look, their little daughters are everything for dads.

People commended Keenan for his parenting. Some other comments gushed over how lucky the daughter was to have a dad like Keenan. People also called him a superhero!

One user touched by the story commented, “I wish there were more fathers like you and my husband in this world!! The world would be more loving and peaceful.” James Brooks, who is a dad, appreciated and respected what Keenan did. He said it was incredible how Keenan kept his kid’s promise.

Parenthood comes with a ton of responsibilities. Sometimes you may have to go out of your comfort zone to make the kids happy. Not only do you have to look after your kids, but their precious toys too. Keenan did that to keep the promise he made to his daughter. Many people recognized this dad’s great qualities and praised him for that.

You already know that parents do not hesitate to go all out to make their kids happy. They would do anything to put a smile on their face. On that note, all parents deserve respect— every single one of them.

Keenan also added that “To the people who find me weird, that is fine. I made my daughter happy. Nothing more, and nothing less,” How lovely!

Keenan’s parenting is inspiring to all moms and dads out there. It is a story worth sharing.

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Read the full story below- (h/t: Love What Matters)

A big, tattooed man walking around with a child’s toy does not happen every day.

When a Goodwill employee saw this scenario, she wanted answers.

Once she shared the sweet story, Keenan came forward to share his side.

Keenan’s story went viral. It has over 45k likes and 10k shares on the Love What Matters post.

The Internet showered him with support, commending his commitment to fatherhood.

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