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This heartwarming reuniting story proves love can wait and will find you even if you are miles away.

We sometimes lose things, sometimes people. But it hurts the most when we lose something or someone we truly love. But what if we suddenly get a chance to reunite with what we lost most unexpectedly? 

How heartwarming a moment that would be! This story is about that one rare lucky man in the world.

Matthew B. is a truck driver. So, it is part of his job to travel distances. Who was there to spend time with him all the time? Yeah, ashes the cat was his all-time partner. It did not take a long time for them to bond. They were inseparable. Why? Because everywhere Matthew goes, ashes come with him. They had many adventures only two of them knew about.

Last movements of ashes

Their travel destination was Springfield, Ohio, last July. As usual, Matthew finished work, and they hung out at a stop at love’s. It was going all well and happily just before ashes heard some noise from a bush near it. Ashes went to check what it was, and that was its last seen time. Matthew couldn’t find ashes anywhere. He felt completely lost after losing his loved one.

Matthew did not give up on ashes!

There was nothing else Matthew could do. He tried his best to find ashes. But ashes were nowhere to be found. And the worst thing was Matthew could not keep looking for ashes there for long. He had to leave there for his work. But leaving did not discourage Matthew. After that, when he came to the Springfield area, Matthew looked as far as possible to reunite with his loved cat. He even tried his travel plans and gave all he had to find ashes. He came home after each search. But without ashes. Matthew traveled many days with ashes, and they had a bond. It was challenging for Matthew to travel alone without missing his traveling buddy.

Ashes was spotted right where it lost.

It was March, and two women thought it was the best time to vacation in New York. While on their journey, they chose to stop at love’s to take a rest, the last seen location of Matthew’s traveling buddy. Once they were done at the place, they turned to return to their car. Guess who suddenly shows up looking for help from these ladies? Ashes was finally found. But Matthew doesn’t know yet. Those two women didn’t ignore this poor cat who came to them for their kindness. They took ashes to their car. After a while, ashes felt warm. They took ashes with them to New York.

The cat who was 1,465 miles away from home

Ashes became friends with two ladies soon. They also started to love it. But they were worried about the owner who had lost this friendly, charming cat. They did not want to sabotage the cat’s owner’s feelings. So they decided to do the right thing. After arriving in New York, the women got in touch with Lollypop Farm, a charity that promotes animal welfare. They headed to the animal shelter to track down the kitten’s owner. The animal shelter discovered a great deal about Ashes thanks to his microchip. Ashes was a stray cat that had traveled 1,465 miles from home, which astounded both the shelter and the women.

Call a friend who is miles away.

The women dialed Matthew as soon as they got all the information. They also wanted Matthew to meet his long-lost friend. When Mathew answered the phone, he was shocked to hear this great news about ashes and became impatient when the woman hung up the phone. What Matthew had looked for a long time finally came to him. He rearranged his schedule and marked a date on the calendar a week and a half later to reunite with the buddy he had missed for a long time.

Two buddies, they cried, they hugged, and finally reunited.

The day finally came. Matthew arrived to see the ashes. It took a second to ashes to recognize its lovely owner. It did not take them long to rekindle their father-son bond. Matthew could not stop tears from falling from his eyes. Both were happy to see each other. It was a long heartwarming hug. Matthew could not help but show his happiness and relief. Matthew gave a promise to ashes with that loving hug to never leave ashes ever again.

Matthew gave his heartfelt thanks to the shelter. He highlighted how crucial it was to microchip his cherished cat. The only way to make sure a stolen or lost pet is located and brought back to its new family. Ashes’s face and actions showed everything it wanted to say. How happy it was to be reunited with its traveling partner. They were closer than ever. They were eager to return to their regular lives and live out the remainder of their days with one other.

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