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This Fantastic School Teaches Girls How to Fix Cars!

Let us start off with a simple question.

Do you ever get stuck in situations you cannot solve?

Sometimes such problems seem simple, but you do not know what to do. So, you have to go to someone else for help. Then you wait till they fix the problems for you.

Of course, it is great that you got help. However, sometimes you wish you knew how to improve your issues yourself without bothering others. You realize that what you learned from the textbook is not going to help at all times. 

That makes you wonder why your school didn’t prepare you for real-life issues?

Have you ever thought why too?

This is a pretty relatable story.

In school, you spend hours studying and taking tests. That is how schools work. You do that for years and years because they say education is everything for everyone. At times it makes you forget that education is not always textbook knowledge. Once you leave school, you realize that what you learned in school was not the most practical. Sure, you can get a job or take higher studies with your grades.

Sadly, there is one crucial thing school forgot to teach you. That is Survival 101. We already know this. Schools may teach you how to solve complicated sums but leave out how to solve practical issues in life.

Of course, you do not realize this until you are out of school.

That is when the existential question arises, which is, ‘what exactly did I learn from school?’

Let us look at an example. Imagine you’re driving your vehicle to work. On the way, you suddenly realize that one of your car tires went flat. You get frustrated because you do not know how to fix this. You call for help.

Then you have to wait with your hand on your chin until someone comes to save the day. Then you wait till they change tires.

That is when you wonder why did not the years of schooling spare time to teach you to change your tire? 

After all, you will only get so far with your grades, but you cannot go far without your vehicle.

Image credits: Stella Maris College

The good news is that some schools realize such issues. They know the importance of teaching students solutions to practical problems. Australia’s Stella Maris College is one of the game-changers. They have figured out the hard truth that not many schools realized. That is, students should get the chance to learn essential life skills. Stella Maria College understands it could be incredibly beneficial for students when they are out of school.

The school did not want their students to be lost when faced with problems in the real world. That is why they teach students how to manage and properly maintain vehicles.

That way the students can take care of their cars themselves.  Also, they will not be startled in times of an emergency. They can be confident drivers who know what to do. 

Now, that is the kind of progress we need to see in schools.

Don’t you agree?

Stella Maria set an excellent example for all schools. Hopefully, schools and institutes around the world can learn from this.

Image credits: Stella Maris College

Stella Maria College proposed to give their 11th-grade students a beginner’s guide to cars and vehicle maintenance. As they’re nearing the end of their school years, they can benefit from familiarizing themselves with car maintenance.

For this, they teamed up with Galmatic and brought this fantastic idea to life. Galactic is a school In Australia that teaches car maintenance to young girls and women. You could say they’re pioneers in teaching girls and women skills regarding vehicles. They go around Sydney, giving lessons and guidance to young girls and women about car maintenance. They usually teach about 100000 young girls annually. Galmatic hopes to provide practical knowledge about vehicles and tips to take care of vehicles.

Image credits: Galmatic Garage

The programs they hold for students of Stella Maria College are a great success too. Groups of around 40 girls participate in one class. The students have made significant progress so far. The girls get to learn a ton of essential lessons about vehicles. They learned about changing tires, patching up tires, and figuring out coolant levels through the teachings. They also taught them about tools and equipment. They learned how to use different tools to fix and repair the vehicle. They also got to know what steps to take when faced with an emergency regarding the car.

The skills they learn also boost their confidence. They also feel less nervous when it comes to handling vehicles. They can feel safe while driving too. When you are knowledgeable about your car, you don’t have to wait on the side of a road waiting for help. No need to depend on others. Knowledge truly gives you power.

What do you think of this idea? Don’t you wish your school taught such lessons too? Well, we gotta accept that change happens over time. The good news is that maybe this will give other schools the idea to include life skills in their curriculum. It is actually a possibility because Stella Maria’s program is getting a lot of love from worldwide already. As it should! People praise Stella Maria College for giving students the chance to learn valuable practical lessons like this. Also, many people suggest that every school should focus on teaching fundamental life skills to the students. Some pointed out that teaching students life skills should be a priority of the education process. We couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, we’ll get to see schools make such progress all over the world.

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