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These Women Fought For Their Freedom Among A Threatening Crisis!

Living in your motherland with peace and unity is the greatest gift you could ever ask for. 

What if that freedom is taken away from you? 

What if you were too used to the rules and regulations suddenly changed out of the wild? That can lead people to severe social and mental health problems. Because it’s the motherland we are talking about here. Where the most freedom, one can find ways. This is the exact situation Afghanistan has had to go through recently.

Image credits – AlinejadMasih
Image credits – AlinejadMasih

As we all know, Tabilian took over Afganistan’s government not long ago. This already caused disarray and the most significant concern among citizens about their current situation and future. As the latest news says, when Talibian, a Muslimist military organization, took over, netizens started leaving the country as soon as possible. 

Why were they in such a rush? 

Anyone would do the same if they were in Afganisatnie’s place. But they had an even greater reason. This is not the first experience they have with the said military organization. Citizens dealt with them from 1996 to 2001, too. The experience was unpleasant because of how these people were reacting already. That ruling is said to be severe and unbearable.

Therefore, citizens took the chance and began leaving the country. If some ask how desperate they were, show them this. They were even ready to risk their lives by hanging to flying military airplanes. And some even sacrificed themselves while doing so. But unfortunately, some could not escape, and they feared their future more than anything.

On the other hand, the ruling of Tabilian decreased women’s rights. That is why these four brave women could not just sit and watch while their future seemed to go down the drain. Recently, a video of four Afghan women who were marching in the streets of Kabul demanding their rights went viral on social media.

As mentioned above, Talibian is a Muslimist military organization that strictly follows Islamic law. Hence, they prohibited women from working and doing other things, limiting them to their houses, which extensively invaded women’s freedom. That was why these women stepped out on the street in the first place. They feared their freedom would be taken away from them again. However, the public had mixed reactions to this act. 

Image credits – AlinejadMasih
Image credits – AlinejadMasih


That is because those women’s lives would be at risk. So some were skeptical, saying they could not get anything other than putting themselves in danger. 

But others were amazed by their bravery and encouraged the ladies, stating that no problem can change without facing them first. These were the various reactions that came out from the public.

Now, here comes the most crucial question. 

What happened after that? 

What was the Talibian’s reaction/ What happened to the women? 

As this official Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, says, they never intended to limit women’s rights. According to them, their vision had changed from the past. They are not the same as they were 20 years ago. In the spokesman’s speech, he stated that women would be free to education, work, and even political life. But people were skeptical about these statements too.

Citizens are in fear and depressed about how their lives will go on. Acts like these can change the course of events. However, in the end, these four women were brave enough to speak for themselves and had no intention of returning to the time boundaries that tied them down. Would you do the same if you were in their place? 

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