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These tourists are not the real lovers of nature!

Tourism or traveling is one of the interesting hobbies, at the same time, it allows you to research and experience new things with excitement and joy. Most of these experiences are brought by our surrounding nature and cultural values. Therefore, our duty and responsibility are to protect those for the future. And we should have the decency to respect the places. However, some unfortunate cases show that the tourist forgets their real responsibility and acts like real jerks. The below images are a few examples. 

1.Destruction of Oregon Rock Formation

One of the Oregon landmarks was the “duckbill” sandstone formation, it was known as “Pedestal Rock” and “that Pacific Northwest rock also. Due to its instability, it was protected by a fence that keeps people away from the formation. However, a gang of people crossed the fence and destroyed nature’s amazing formation. The reason for this destructive action of the group was that one of their friend’s leg has broken due to the “duckbill” sandstone formation.

2. Death of a baby dolphin on a Spanish beach.

Tourists in Southern Spain founded a lonely baby dolphin. It was wandering on the shore, and the scene aroused the tourist’s excitement. They clicked images with the small dolphin and posed a lot instead of informing the animal rescue team. However, unfortunately, when the animal workers came, the dolphin was dead due to stress.

3.Disturbing the sea turtles from nesting at Costa Rica’s Ostional Beach

The olive ridley sea turtles enter to the beach annually to nest in the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Thus it was a popular tourist destination during this season, and many people come to capture it. However, the behavior of the tourists disturbed the sea turtles and scared them. Pathetically, some of them were not able to get to lay eggs as well. 

4.Catching a peacock and ripping the feathers at Beijing Zoo

This incident was shocking and unbelievable, but it is true.  A tourist family at the Beijing wildlife park chased a peacock and ripped his tail feathers. Although the other tourists tried to stop them, they did not obey until the last frightened peacock ran away.

5.Vandalizing is an extreme offense

Vandalizing is not a small act that can give a pardon. A Chinese, 15 years old schoolboy did this offense by scratching “Ding Jinhao was here” into an Egyptian artwork at Luxor’s temple. It was 3,500-year-old. Social media quickly exposed this boy to the public, and accordingly, his parents publicly apologized for their son’s illegal action. 

6.Flowers are not for picking.

It has become a common unacceptable trend that many Chines tourists have broken into and stripped away the lotus flowers from the Longqiao Cultural and Ecological Park located in Sichuan, China.

7. A selfie became utter destruction.

A person tried to take a selfie climbing on a Dom Sebastiao statue in Lisbon, Portugal, which is 130-year-old and he ended up knocking the statue. The culprit tried to escape, but it was not successful, and he was arrested. 

8. Another selfie mania makes a huge knocking.

A similar story as per the previous one, a person tried to take a selfie with a statue located in the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, and it was ended scattering the statue of Saint Michael all over the floor.

9.The incident in the Roman coliseum

A Russian tourist who was 42 years old was arrested and fined $24,000 after he carved a large “K” into the side of the Coliseum in Rome.

10.Euthanized bison calf at Yellowstone National Park 

A couple of tourists found a bison calf and kept it in their car to keep it warm. However, sadly the calf was separated from his group, and he could not find his mother. Accordingly, due to his aggressive and dangerous behaviors, which were harmful to the people and vehicle, the calf had to be euthanized.

11.Chasing a herd of Tibetan antelopes.

Two white SUVs had illegally entered into the Selincuo National Nature Reserve and chased a herd of Tibetan antelopes. The incident was filmed by another person and posted on Weibo. Accordingly, seven culprits were arrested and fined 15,000 yuan from each person. 

12. Human action for fortune brings misfortune to nature.

Yellowstone hot spring is one of the attractions. But the natural beauty of the spring began to decay when the people threw “good luck” coins into it. The water became abnormal green due to slowing down water circulation and allowing bacteria to proliferate as a result of human action. 

13.The Margate beach house was a mess.

People need to enjoy, but at the same time, they need to protect nature also. The tourists made a mess at the Margate beach in the United Kingdom by throwing plastic plates and bags all over the beach. 

14.Eye-catching azalea trees in bloom were in death.

The blooming azalea trees in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in China attract several tourists because of their natural beauty. However, everyone cannot enjoy the beauty without harming nature as some of the tourists break off branches of the trees and others used them to have a barbecue. 

15.Alleged action at Stone Pillars At Hampi

In east-central Karnataka, India, there was a center of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire capital, which was belonged to the 14th century. It is introduced as Hampi and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the ancient time, the place, the world’s second-largest medieval-era city, attracted traders, especially from Persia and Portugal. However, a pathetic incident occurred recently that some alleged group of people intentionally destroyed the Vishnu temple pillars. The action was posted on social media, and a week later, the suspects were arrested. According to them, they did not know the site’s historical value.

16.Selfie mania ended the life of pink grass.

Some selfie maniac tourists trampled the rare pink grass in Binjiang riverside park in Hangzhou. Accordingly, the bushes were cut down since it was completely destroyed. 

17. A natural wonder in Iceland was vandalized.

There is a famous moss-covered hill in South Iceland, and some tourists have carved “send nudes” into the hill. Accordingly, the lost moss takes many years to grow again. Unfortunately, this was not the first time of vandalizing, and there were also many previous cases.

18. A woman buried a used diaper in the sand.

One of the disgusting acts that we ever heard, a woman buried a used diaper in Boracay Beach’s sand in the Philippines. The incident was spotted. This was an illegal act, and the government will not tolerate whether the accuser is a local or a foreigner.

19. Taking selfies causes massive destruction.

The city of Cremona, Italy, has many ancient statues that are the true implication of art and craft. The “Two Hercules” statue is such an attraction. Two tourists have broken some parts of the statue, including the marble crown, and flanked by a pair of figures while they were trying to get a selfie. Still, these two are not uncovered.

20. Coral Defaced with writing.

Diving center OK Divers published some images that show hoy coral defected with writing etched in. They asked the culprit diver to come forward, although the action was no solution for the destruction. 

21. Olmec Monumental Sculptures In Tabasco is in danger.

Olmec Monumental Sculptures in Tabasco, located in the La Venta Museum and Park in Tabasco, Mexico, is in danger after two Indonesian tourists sprayed an oily liquid on the sculpture. The sculpture is 15 stone, and it dated back to 1,000 BC. It is still a puzzle that why did they bring oil spray with them.

22. An ancient Megalithic Tomb In Spain was Vandalized.

22 2,000-Year-Old tomb located in Spain was destroyed by someone writing Harry Potter References, a ‘Deathly Hallows’ symbol.

23. Tourists destroyed an ancient site of dinosaurs. 

There is a 200,000-year-old land formation in a geopark in Zhangye, central China, and it is believed as a land Where Dinosaurs Roamed. A group of local tourists walked on the striped sand and destroyed the formation. Not only that but also they have posted a video also. 

24. Bamboo Forest is in lamentation. 

Jerk tourists have carved their initials into the bamboo trees, which are located in a Kyoto bamboo forest, Japan. Due to the severe destruction, these trees are meant to cut down.

25. A Mosque in the South Of Morocco has been vandalized.

An alleged tourist has savagely written and drawn on a mosque wall in Southern Morocco.

26. Yellowstone National Park is at risk.

Yellowstone National park is one of the main tourist attractions. However, the tourists’ crazy behaviors lead to massive destruction in the park. 

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