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These Flowers Shine like Magic! Check out the Extraordinary Photos of the Light That Plants Emit.

Have you seen the movie Tangled?

If you have, you probably remember the beautiful, magical flower. Remember how it glowed and shone? 

What if we say flowers shine like that in real life too? Would you believe it?

Well, nothing is too far-fetched when it comes to the natural world. It is full of surprises, and it gives us a sense of wonder. Mother nature decorated our world with never-ending oceans, lush greenery landscapes. Other than that, there are forests filled with trees, various fascinating animals, and plants with gorgeous flowers.

Such simple but beautiful things surround you. However, with the busy lifestyle and schedules, we often forget about them. We do not get time to observe or explore our surroundings. We fail to admire the beauty of nature.

Unfortunately, we do not spend enough time in nature to enjoy the beautiful gifts it gives. You will notice that nature created a paradise on earth if you get close to the natural world a little more.

If you stop for a little and look around, you will see that the world is full of natural phenomena.

Although sometimes nature’s delicate artwork is so subtle, so much so that you may not even notice. As you know, some miraculous work occurs without you knowing. You would not catch it unless you observed it.

For example, have you ever seen flowers that glow?

Of course, you may have seen those in movies, cartoons, or fictional stories. However, we are not talking about fictional fairy tales, but have you seen such magic in real life?

Yes, we know, it sounds too far-fetched to be true. Well, It may be hard to believe, but it happens.

Flowers emit a mesmerizing light that goes unnoticed to us.

Meet Craig P. Burrows. Burrows is a very skilled American photographer based in Southern California. He tries to capture beautiful phenomena of nature that we usually do not get to see. One of the primary goals of his work is to make viewers feel more interested and engaged with the natural world around them.

He became a photographer in 2010. Since the beginning, his main interest was always on subjects related to nature. He loved exploring the surroundings and capturing the beauty of nature. Also, small, minute details of the surroundings like bugs and plants intrigued him. His work always portrayed such beautiful parts of nature.

Burrows first started photographing glowing flower plants back in 2014. This artistic photographer got the inspiration to do so after seeing Oleksandr Holovachov’s photography. Holovachov’s work with ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) photography made Burrows want to try it out.

Burrows has managed to photograph hundreds of glowing flowers since then. His fantastic work got recognized multiple times. In 2018 The National Geographic magazine featured his photography. Other than that, Apple uses Burrow’s work in its operating systems.

It is interesting how Burrows gets ready for a shoot of UVIVF photos. Of course, because it is an outdoor shoot, it has its challenges. Burrows also have to take these pictures in the dark. Whenever Burrows does a set of UVIVF photos, he starts by going out in the pitch darkness.

According to Burrows, every shoot brings surprises to him. Even after taking photos of flowers so many times, Burrows still do not know for sure what to expect. You know how unpredictable nature is. It is vivid and diverse. So it does make sense that each flower is different from another. This diversity is what is exciting about shooting nature.

Burrows thinks some flowers dazzle and end up flopping. On the other hand, some other flowers show gorgeous colors and light. They create an ethereal glow. They all are unique and have something different to offer. These shoots never bore a photographer because every snap brings something new to the table.

How do flowers emit such light?

You must be curious to understand what the logic behind this phenomenon is. Well, it is the same way a blue tee-shirt glows under a black light. Burrows explained that most organic material shines at least a little with UV stimulation and in all kinds of colors.

Now that you know its logic, you need to know how to capture this beautiful phenomenon. Burrows follows a technical procedure to make the most of it. He makes sure to shoot in the darkest environment he can. The darker the surrounding, the better the glowy effect of flowers will show. He also uses a 365nm light, so the camera can’t see the UV light. This process makes the finalized photo look ethereal.

You see, every time the sunlight falls on flowers, they respond to that by letting off their light. This fascinating phenomenon is something that occurs all the time. However, we never notice it.

These photos capture something we always see but never can observe.

It is a shame that we never stop to observe such wondrous things in nature. Luckily, photographers like Burrows capture these moments that would otherwise never reach us.

We put together for you a few of the most fantastic snaps of the glowing flowers Burrows took. So please take a few moments to go through the collection and admire their beauty.

Also, you would most likely want to check out more photos of the beautiful flowers. So once you are done going through this list, be sure to check out Craig’s page cpburrows.com. You can find more details about his future projects and get a glimpse of his fantastic photographs over there.



















































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