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The Times America Made The Rest Of The World Go, ‘Huh?’

The U.S.A, aka the land of the free, is famous for its greatness in many aspects. You already know that it is one of the most developed countries. America’s economy is one of the biggest in the world. A lot of people dream of living there because America has an extensive range of job opportunities. 

Apart from that, the United States is known for its historical education institutes. Some of the most prestigious universities, like Harvard, Yale, Duke, Stanford, and many more, belong to America. The United States is also world-famous for its entertainment industry. Their movies, music, fashion, and awards get attention from all over the world. American media, news, policies, and principles also leave a significant impact across the globe.

The United States is also highly advanced in technology. From space technology to advancements in robots, America contributes to a lot of technological progress in the world.

Of course, a lot of countries benefit from their work as well.

One of the greatest strengths of America is its diversity. People that belong to many different ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds live there.

Overall, the United States of America is one of the most prosperous countries in many ways. America influences the rest of the world. Other countries look up to it. Lots of people dream of moving or migrating or traveling there. However, just as much as it inspires the world, it also confuses the world at times.

As you know, every country has a personality. So, of course, it’s bound to have some flaws too. It’s possible to have some weird traits here and there that others don’t understand. This rule applies to America as well. Cmon now, nobody’s perfect!

If you plan on visiting America, you should know that you might find some things about America strange. There are certain things that Americans do that do not make much sense to outsiders. 

Some things will make you question ‘Why would they do that?

Or ‘what’s the point of doing that?’ Or in the most absurd cases, “why did I move to this country?!”

These things might not be odd to people who live in America for a long time. For them, it is how things are and how things have always been. However, foreigners notice a lot of things that Americans do not realize are strange. ‘Ymij,’ a Reddit user, asked people to share what they find the oddest about America. A lot of folks responded and pointed out the weirdest things they thought Americans do. They made excellent points that are worth discussing.

You are probably curious to know what they are. You are in luck because we’ve put together a list of some of the best posts.

Check them out below.

This list includes some posts about serious issues like health care.

Given that America is one of the wealthiest countries, you would expect them to have free healthcare, right?

Well, they don’t.

It is something a lot of people find strange.  Almost all countries around the world offer medical care for free, even far less developed countries.

Also, strangely some people dislike the idea of healthcare as well.

By the way, if you are visiting America, remember not to overeat fast food.

That is one way to save yourself a hefty hospital bill!

Other than that, people pointed out America’s obsession with their flag. Most other countries would save it to display on special occasions, right?

However, in America, they fly the national flag almost everywhere and anytime. You could spot the American flag in front of public buildings, houses, and schools. They also plaster it on clothes, headbands, earrings, shoes, and so on.  Even every school day starts with students pledging allegiance to their flag! People pointed out that this is unlike most other countries.

Speaking of school, some said they found the terms junior, sophomore, senior in school weird. Unlike most countries, America does not use the term grade to explain the school years. Some other posts talked about the election process in America. Elections in the U.S.A are pretty different in comparison to elections in other countries.

Unlike other countries, America holds its elections on weekdays. People pointed out that it’s strange that they don’t hold elections on weekends.

Apart from that, the posts covered a lot more topics that confuse non-Americans. Including the hype around gender reveal parties and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

There is lots more to unpack here! So go through the list and see if you agree with these posts!

More info: Reddit

#1 Gofundme Replaces Free Healthcare


#2 Too Poor To Visit The Doctor, But Too Rich For Assistance

kaden123drake,Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

#3 When Tipping Cover The Living Wage

Impossible-Buy-4090,Wikimedia Commons

#4 American Term For Corruption- Lobbying


#5 Forgetting That Non- Americans Actually Exist.

Officer_Cat_Fancy_,Steven Martin

#6 Pledging Allegiance Every Morning Before School

emissaryofwinds,USAG- Humphreys

# 7 For-profit Prisons

downtimeredditor,Molly Haggerty

#8 When Announcing The Baby’s Gender Is A Big Deal


#9 Some People Disliking Free Healthcare

spammmmmmmmy,Presidencia de la República Mexicana

#10 Restaurants Take Your Credit Card


#11 Nightmare Of Med Students- Medical Debt

CIA_grade_LSD,Grant Source

#12 Taking Ages To See The Newly Elected President In Office

Snoo61123,GPA Photo Archive

#13 Massive Gaps On All Sides Of Toilet Cubicle Doors


#14 Their Love For The National Flag

psyk738178,WTF Colorado

#15 Never Ending Election Campaigns


#16 Schools Spending A Lot On Sports


#17 Large Appetizers- No Room For The Actual Meal.

Drumah,Wikimedia Commons

#18 Workaholics Don’t Take Rest


#19 They Don’t Charge Extra For Refills

milwaukeeminnesota,James Petts

#20 Unnecessarily Big Parking Lots


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