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The teacher thought her career was over after this parent confronted her!

Teachers are heroes of children. They do not stop at only teaching the students; they teach them manners, how to make new friends, and the beauty of the ugly world we live in. But what do these teachers get in return besides their salary in the modern world? Here is a story about when a kind-hearted teacher meets a modern parent.

A parent enters the school, pointing at a camera.

Leonard Johnson 

Leonard Johnson is a parent of a little girl, Keri, who goes to saddleback elementary school in the United States. On the day this incident happened, this father seemed to lose his cool for some reason. He started recording from his camera and entered the saddleback elementary school. Why? His daughter has told him something about her third-grade teacher, Miss Maureen Dersé.

Leonard started questioning!

Leonard started the confrontation by saying that he hoped she did not mind him recording that. Then he came close to the third-grade teacher, asking whether she was Miss Dersé. She was looking terrified by this sudden confrontation. She said yes, confirming she was the one he was looking for. Then, in a forceful voice, Leonard asked her if he was his daughter’s teacher. When another employee turned to Dersé, she expressed that she needed an administrator while displaying perplexity.

A sudden turn of events

Leonard approached Miss Dersé and said he just wanted to tell her she was a fantastic teacher, and Keri said she was the finest. Miss Maureen Dersé was relieved. Leonard received a hug from the teacher, who laughed and smiled. She said she wondered whether she had missed something that was not brought to her attention. Later Leonard Johnson posted on social media captioning the recording as his daughter came home and told him about her teacher, so he had to go up to the school to let them know he does not play. The video got over 14 million views. 

Leonard Johnson 
Leonard Johnson 

You can watch what happened between Leonard and Miss Maureen Dersé HERE.

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