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The Promising Youth! The Woman Is Over The Moon To Receive The Favor Of Paying For Her Gas!

Kindness is an excellent human quality that one must teach from a minimal age. It is a choice. In a world full of technology and development, many are more focused on personal growth in quantity and numbers. The Quality is not cared for. Personal growth in career success and physical assets is the critical thing most people consider success. Very little think of personal qualitative success such as inner peace, kindness, compassion, and helping each other. Even kids today are driven towards these ambitions that adults are after. In such a world, a small act of kindness matters a lot. 

Image credits – hrtwarming.com

This is one such incident that is touching. It is an example that there is hope among the youth.  

This is the story of a lady who received a favor from a youth. Olivia Jennings was waiting for her turn in the gas station queue. Soon she made friends, and these two young men were most happy to have a casual conversation with the old lady. Later one of them was pleased to offer the money to pay for the lady’s Gas. It was unbelievable to Olivia as this would not often happen in today’s society. She thought it was a joke, took her credit card, and prepared to pay for her share of Gas. But quite unbelievably, one of the young men offered her $20 to pay for her Gas. 

Image credits – hrtwarming.com

Olivia was quite touched by the incident and wanted to post this on social media very severely. She not only posted this on social media But also mentioned that her city of Memphis had some outstanding youth! 

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