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The Mare Tiki Took The World’s Attention As The Best Horse Mother!

Having twins is a rare thing among us humans. And it is far rarer for animals to have twins. This story is about a horse giving birth to two beautiful twin baby horses. Generally, although she gave birth, she must have neglected one or both already. That is why this story is different. This horse’s story is a reminder of the remarkable capabilities of horses and their maternal instincts. It also shows that older horses can still have successful pregnancies and be excellent mothers with proper care and attention.

Whole world shocked on that day

A 16-year-old American Paint horse named Tiki made headlines for giving birth to twin foals, an extremely rare occurrence in the horse world. No one expected Tiki to have more foals due to her advanced age. However, much to the surprise of her caretakers, the Mason family, she became pregnant and gave birth to two healthy foals.

It was a beautiful moment.

The Huntington County Tab said that the 86-pound colt was delivered first, at around five minutes before midnight, and was as healthy as a horse. Ten minutes after midnight, a 59-pound filly weighing that weight was born. Although the filly was smaller than the other, she ended up being the strongest of the two since she was up and moving around within 10 minutes of giving birth, according to Laura Mason.

Tiki is a special mare!

There were two reasons why this was a special moment. Having twin foals is incredibly unusual. In contrast to humans, which have twins three times out of every 100 cases, horses only have twins in roughly one in 10,000 cases. Only nine percent of the twin pregnancies in mares that do occur are carried to term.

Another reason is that it is not uncommon for a mare to reject or abandon one of her foals in a twin pregnancy, but Tiki surprised everyone by nurturing and caring for both of her babies.

Tiki loves both her babies.

Tiki’s dedication to her foals was evident initially, as she ensured they were fed, protected, and comfortable. Her caretakers watched in awe as she balanced the needs of her two babies, Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. She never once showed any signs of stress or confusion. This bond between Tiki and her foals was not only rare, but it was also beautiful to witness. Tiki’s love for her foals was truly inspiring, and her story will always be remembered as a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

Watch the video of the incident here.

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