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The Kind Waitress Had A Breakdown After A Huge Tip

A small gesture of kindness can greatly impact someone’s life. That is the specialty of kindness. You can only offer it to someone if you want, and when you receive one, they receive immense pleasure due to the action because they received this without giving anything back. With the global economy hikes up, we all face difficulties. Yet still, in these difficult times, people offer their kindness to others.

Tracey Gerlach enjoys seeing people happy.

Tracey Gerlach is a waitress at the South Fork Grille in Coconut Point. It is almost a year since she started working at the restaurant. She was popular among the customers and the staff for her good humor and pleasant service during her work. According to Gerlach, she loves meeting new people. She loves chatting and talking with people. She is Italian, so she enjoys feeding people. It gives her some fulfillment inside when customers leave, and they are happy, and their bellies are full.

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A couple surprised the kind waitress.

As usual, Tracey served happily and made the customers at South Fork Grille in Coconut Point happy with her chit-chat and smiles on the night of the incident. Gerlach said it was probably her night’s last table because it was around 7:30 or 8 o’clock. There was a young couple with two younger children, perhaps four or five years old. She said everything happened as usual and was just completely normal.

She would soon realize it was anything from ordinary, though. Gerlach said that she wished them a Merry Christmas and a pleasant evening before they went. she entered the back as they left. Then she started to check for her tip as usual when she discovered a great surprise, a $1,000 tip. Her heart plummeted when she realized what had happened. The couple had just started to go via the front door when she slammed the kitchen door open and ran outside. And she gave this woman’s husband a long, awkward hug for about 30 seconds.

Generous reward

She could not believe it at all. She at first wondered if it was a mistake. She said that she cried so much, like gushing and streaming. After giving the man a quick, she asked him are you serious? And are you for real? The man just said, “100%.” And he wanted her to have a Merry Christmas, and he thought she was a wonderful person.

Everyone, according to her manager Pharaoh Wheeler, was pleased for her. The manager said that, for her, she felt joy. In his opinion, the entire crew would likely be joyful for someone. He added that everyone there was naturally thrilled for anyone who experienced success, but of course, they all wished it were them.

Gerlach finally said that the children they have are such little cutie pies, so she hoped they had a nice Christmas, a truly wonderful Christmas, and enjoyed them. She stated she was still overjoyed by the kind tip and would pass it along to anyone else who might need it.

Watch the report about Gerlach’s special moment HERE.

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