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The couple, famous for breaking stereotypes in the trans community, conceived a baby.

One of the most well-known trans couples in Colombia is Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau, and their tale has gradually spread to other parts of the world. Danna Sultana was born on April 20, 1984, in Medellín, Colombia. The transgender dancer and model, who gained notoriety for her appearance on the RCN reality series “Colombia has talent,” shocked her fans when she revealed that she was dating a trans man named Esteban. Esteban Landrau is a Puerto Rican who was born as a woman and is now a trans man.

After chatting on social networks a few months ago, Esteban Landrau and Danna Sultana first spoke while celebrating Esteban’s birthday in Miami. The two developed chemistry after communicating frequently and meeting in person, which helped them solidify their connection.

Danna asserted that the discrimination she experienced forced her to leave Colombia. She made a choice to relocate to New York City in the United States. After all, in her opinion, it would be the ideal place to live because nobody there would judge her. “I left because I wanted to find myself, and the perfect place had to be a place without taboos, and I think New York is perfect,” said the dancer during an interview with La Red.

Individuals who identify as intersex, lesbian, gay, or transgender have struggled for their rights for a very long time, and now they are starting to succeed. Since inclusion has made it possible for transgender women to work in previously off-limits sectors, many of them have distinguished themselves for their exceptional aptitude.

The couple’s little boy was born on July 19, and since then, Danna has become a reference in the fight for the rights of the LGBTI community.

Giving birth to a new life

Beginning in January 2020, the couple made an announcement about the birth of their first child on social media. They decided to give birth naturally because they both still had their own reproductive systems and did not consider it necessary to look for a different approach, such as adoption or surrogate motherhood. On July 19, Esteban gave birth to baby boy Ariel. Since then, both have expressed their joy at being able to experience this new facet of being parents.

Life as parents

During an interview on the Mexican program ‘Un Nuevo Día’ In a conversation with Adamari López, Danna and Esteban talked about being parents. Danna stated that it was always a dream for her to become a mother. Danna said that she always said she wanted to be a woman, have her own home, husband, and son, and today it has become a reality, and God does exist.

Esteban Landrau clarified that although he carried Ariel in his womb, Danna is the baby’s mother and has always recognized his role as a father.

He said that the fact that he has carried it does not mean that he is the mother. He has always been the father. And that there are people who rent wombs, and that person who rents the womb is not the mother of the child.

A message from Danna and Esteban to transgender couples hoping to become parents is that they should never feel less about it. Danna said no one is less than anyone, trans people have the same rights, and we as transgender people encourage people to take that step of being who they are, to show themselves as they are. Being transgender is not a matter of feeling less; this proves that love exists between trans couples.

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