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Ten-year-old saved the lives of his mom and newborn baby.

Children are miracles. They come into this world by bringing joy to parents and everyone around them and continue to spread the joy through their childhood. From time to time, they surprise us, the grown adults, with their heroic ventures. Sometimes even adults are not capable of doing them. Here is a story about a child hero who saved his mother and newborn brother’s life.

Unexpected circumstances

Ashly Moreau lives in Sulphur, Louisiana. On the day of the incident, she went into labor almost six weeks earlier than anticipated. She was at home and was unsure what to do when the water broke in the bathroom. No one else was at home except his son. But she was fortunate that day. Her son Jayden gave her all the help she needed

Ashly Moreau
Ashly Moreau

Act Quick

Ashly told Jayden as soon as she saw the infant’s feet and urged him to tell his grandma, who lives next door, about the baby. But, the older woman could only call 991 because she was still healing from surgery. To assist his mother, Jayden went back inside the bathroom.

When she noticed the baby was lying breech, she knew she needed to take action to prevent any problems immediately. She told Jason that he would have to deliver his brother, and they had to do it fast because the baby’s feet were turning blue, and the baby could not breathe. Jayden asked what she needed from his end, and he told her he could do anything for her. Even those words came out of his ten-year-old son; they comforted her and helped her to focus on delivering the baby.

Risky operation

Ashly Moreau was in pain, but she held it together to save the baby and her life. Jayden following her instructions and managing to deliver the baby was all the comfort she had. Finally, Jayden managed to deliver the baby carefully.

Ashly Moreau

A little trouble

Jayden quickly understood that his younger sibling was not breathing, so he took the nasal aspirator and blew air into the baby’s mouth with it. The child’s breathing returned to normal shortly after that. Describing the frightful moment, Ashly said that she was crying, but she just tried to stay calm and collected. She also said Jayden was so calm that it made her calmer. And she could see he was scared, but he knew he had to do it.

Going to the hospital…

A little while later, the ambulance arrived, and the mother and newborn were both transferred to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. Before the ambulance came, Ashly experienced several issues due to going into labor much sooner than anticipated, but Jayden kept her alive. Ashly told Jayden that he always had a special bond with his brother. She also said she is just so proud of him. He saved their lives. Fortunately, this 10-year-old hero saved the mother and the infant.

Ashly Moreau

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