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Superhero Rick Haley survived the dog lost in a cave.

The operation was conducted inside becoming Moore, Missouri’s second-largest cave, under the direction of Rick Haley and Gerry Keene, both of whom have specialized training in cave rescue.

Story of survival

Abby had been missing since June 9; the owner had reported to Haley. So, she might have spent up to two months in the cave. Haley claimed that when he returned to the cave on Saturday, he discovered Abby’s footprints close to the 12-foot-deep pit where she probably entered. Two hundred feet into the main passage was where Abby was. Haley claimed on Facebook that they transported Abby 500 feet to a very constricting, challenging climb up a vertical wall while carrying her up to the surface.

Found Abby

They found Abby at Tom Moore through the Berome Moore entrance. The length of Berome Moore cave is roughly 21 miles. Haley said there’d been an awfully lot of water run through this cave since June.


He also mentioned how they rescued Abby on Facebook. One team found a dog inside the cave. Together with Gerry Keene, they helped rescue a dog from a cave. The dog was in poor condition. The dog’s head stuck out from a duffel bag as we packed. As she would probably struggle, we did this to keep her and the rescuers safe. Although it was unclear how Abby survived for so long, rescuers said the cave was fully dark and contained rushing water, fish, and crustaceans.

The task came up while Haley and Keene, who have been caving since around 1990, were working on mapping a cave north of Perrysville, Missouri, for the Cave Research Foundation.

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