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Style yourself with CLOTHING REPAIR!!! Hurry up and scroll down!


A lot of people get their clothes ripped, stained, and damaged all the time. When that happens, people usually take it to the tailor to fix it, and sometimes, they throw it away.

Clothes are becoming incredibly disposable. People desire to change, and clothing brands are vying among themselves by creating affordable and fashionable clothes.


Clothing repair and mending can do a comparably wide range of activities different from those requiring very little skill to those expecting a great deal of sewing skill and expertise. The benefits of mending differ from self-satisfaction for a job well done to a substantial monetary saving by prolonging the life of a garment. The necessity for clothing repair comes from various sources. Poor initial garment quality or construction can be an issue with ready-to-wear as well as handmade items.

Everyday wear and tear will also consider its toll. Poor garment fit can happen a seam to split or a fastener to break. Anyhow, other repairs become part of preventive mending, permitting the garment to be worn longer without the need for notable repair or recycling.

Garment repair and mending need some creativity. There’s no need of being guilty of rushing into a repair job without giving the situation some careful thought and having the relevant tools to see the job through.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, people eventually had to lock up inside their houses; they happened to discover new hobbies or give more time to the hobbies they were already practicing. Repairing clothes is artistic, fun and minimizes and stops environmental pollution.


On the brighter side, it will make clothes look better every time they get damaged!


There are numerous repairs or mending methods. Some of them require creative talent, while others are basic and rather fundamental. Here is a better way to deal with damaged or stained clothes. You can do this at home, by yourself and at the end, your damaged garments will look more attractive than it was before as well. When determining which clothes to select, we have to consider factors such as the shape of the area to be repaired, type and size of the damage, type of garment, location of the damage on the garment etc.

Therefore, people who can stay at home during this pandemic have some extra time on their own. Such people like them can go through their closets, drawers and cupboards. And then Find some clothes that haven’t been worn because of missing buttons, holes or ripped parts. Mending clothes can be a helpful skill, and for sure it can also be surprisingly fun!

Significant win no matter how far you take your designs. Nowadays, people share their stories of stitching, embroidering, or patching their damaged clothes, and most of them have turned out to be pretty awesome with their results.  See the change it makes from a simple thought. Your damaged garments will look more attractive than it was before as well.


Check out the below clothes to explore the difference and creativity!

More info & photo courtesy  Visiblemending

1. When life gives you holes, make it a whole new dear!

2.A little hole is not a reason to worry anymore. Maybe it will turn out like this

3.It happened to be blue. Now it is almost a rainbow on my leg.

4. I made the stain into sunflowers. So, the stain brings me sunshine. Isn‘t it??

5.Don’t ever through your sweaters with holes. Why don’t you  go green on them.

6.Sometimes mending a hole will bring you some shine you haven’t ever notice on the clothes

7.Look how cool this jacket turns out! Why don’t you try on your own.

8.How is my creativity? Shall we talk about my mending skills?

9. I love this pair of jeans than earlier… It is like a designer jean, right?

10.When you want to multicolor your clothes..

11.Love can be even found on the chewed shoes. So be a little bit creative.

12.Look at this cute baby boy with a patched batman design

13. I wanted to make it more pretty. Here we go!!!

14.I guess this embroidered Bumble Bees saw the stain as honey.

15. If it goes well on clothes, why not a backpack?

16.Seven colors decided to friend with these thrifted Jeans.

17.OMG!!! This does not even look like a repaired cloth anymore.

18.When you split nail polish on your sweater grow some flowers on it.

19.I didn’t realize mending is this much cool until now

20.I hated this hole earlier now I love it. You know why don’t you?

21.Hello guys, can anybody see a stain?

22.Every time your Dress Gets a Stain fill t In With Colors.

23.I added bubbles to this Bleach Stained. It looks prettier now!

24.It is the best time to modify the boring denim jeans with a small thought!

25.The two pictures say it all!

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