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She Became A Mother For Three Little Flowers: Amy Never Knew What Her Future Held For Her.

Children are beautiful. Caring for them and protecting them is even more beautiful. We found an angelic woman like that, who became a mother to three little orphans. 

When Amy Pollard got her first call for foster, she was insecure. She knew how strong and courageous single moms are. Amy felt like she needed to be more capable of going through them. However, she said yes. Since then, she visited the orphanage monthly until she got her license for fostering. 

The woman always admired children. Fostering was a thing she hoped to do but something other than this. Maybe when she was married and settled, it scared her from the beginning, and insecurities came in waves for not being qualified. But she never knew what the future held for her.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

It was in January that she met 8-year-old Jeremy. His behavior alarmed how deep his trauma went. She saw him again a couple of times in 7 months. Every time Amy hoped for someone to take Jeremy home, as he was very clingy and begged her to take him home, which was something far out of reach for Amy at that time. But she realized it was her who could be the mother of Jeremy.

The church pastor started Rescue 100, a state-wide collaborative effort in Mississippi. They recruit, train and support foster families and online foster training. Amy also attended her very first training in 2016.

At last, she completed her process of becoming a foster parent and sought Jeremy, only to find him changed to another orphanage. She did everything possible to take him home, but agencies did not let her. After months, she stopped trying to let time solve the problem. She even refused other offers for fostering. She felt terrible, but she saved the place for her boy. Just like that, she later got a call from Jeremy’s social worker asking if she could adopt the child. 

Though she had no intention of adoption, out of excitement, she agreed. It was required to pay a visit first and then bring him home. Within a week, Jeremy was home.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

But fostering was not easy. Jeremy was poorly traumatized; some days, he was locked in closets hoping for someone to bring him water and food. He was often scared of getting beaten up. And Amy was lost with what to do. So, she loved him dearly and asked teachers to be careful around him. She never gave up though others around her said it would be better for Jeremy to have a family with a dad.

After six months after Jeremy’s arrival, they together visited the orphanage and found Jeremy’s brother Kendrick there. They also asked her to be their mother; Amy was not ready. And all aside, Jeremy had a younger brother too. Even if she takes Kendrick, the younger one will be all alone. But she ended up being the mother of three of them.

All of them had deep-gone traumas. Jayonne, the youngest, always slept with her crying, and Kendrick had difficulty opening up to her. But as time went by, they became comfortable. Amy even received her first mothers Day card from Jeremy. However, the recalling of traumas was still there. The youngest even remembered how he was beaten up just because he got cheese from the fridge. And Amy had a hard time dealing with the heartbreaking stories.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

But, one day, that boy came home asking her to make food for his friends. Amy knew her dedication paid off. She was over the moon. On the other hand, the adoption day was near. Amy again felt like she was not enough.

Image credits – Courtesy of Amy Pollard

One day Kendrick blurted out how he wanted Amy to be his mother quickly and started complaining about how slow the judge was. And that is how Amy decided to adopt them on April 1, 2019. Despite her insecurities and denial of being capable enough, she became a forever home for three little flowers. That was her happiness that she could never trade for anything.

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