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Revealing The Truth Of Boiling An Egg For The Computer Mouse

Even though it seems harder to believe, living in the past was not as comfortable as it is now.

It was the way things were back in the day. The kids living in the present had no idea how difficult it is to live life without any conveniences. That is why youngsters may find it much harder to believe that people had to boil an egg per day only for scrolling on the computer. Not only that but also there were many hardships, and youngsters are fortunate since they do not have to go through all these.

There was a lengthy conversation about these boiling eggs between youngsters and old-timers on Twitter. Let us see what they have to say about these hardships and the comments for them.

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If you are a youngster, then you might be flabbergasted after reading these conversations. Try to imagine your parents having run here and there to take care of chickens and boil eggs until they are cooked until they become solid.

By just a glance, it seems that this is a conflict between two generations, but it is not. This shows that there is a lack of knowledge between reality.

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Wrapping up…

In other words, back in the day, technology was not as advanced as this and even getting the computer to connect with the internet was nearly impossible. Yes, that’s how difficult it was.

The technology was not user-friendly with all the graphics as now. Reminders of these hardships make the youngsters believe this prank to be true. Yes, cleaning a dusty mouse until it is less dirty does sound true, and this makes the prank even livelier.

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