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Prejudice Is Learned: The Only Difference These 2 Boys Realized Was Their Hairstyle.

Kids are innocent and pure. Of course, it is the environment they live in that changes them. While the world remains vicious and evil, where racism and criticism occur daily, these little souls remain pure until society comes into the picture. A born infant is not prejudiced. How they live and whom they associate with after is what will change their way of thinking and create their prejudices. Children do not know racism. They do not understand what is so different about skin color or religion. What matters to them is who they want to love and care for as a friend without any boundaries.

That is why we say that prejudice is learned. Little kids will never expect someone to humiliate them or to get different treatment due to the difference in skin color. Neither they want to do it to someone else either. Hence, disrespecting or respecting others and loving or hating ourselves or others are all learned. 

So, adults have much to learn from the younger generation. Why? Though adults may think they are very acknowledged about society and the world, they all lack essential human qualities. There is no one to blame either. It is how society works; you must go according to the wave to survive. But stopping the war between skin colors and religions is still more than possible. 

This incident we unwrap today will be the most outstanding example of how children are not prejudiced. This story became viral internationally as of how inspirational it is. Lydia Stith Rosebush originally published this on Love What Matters’s Facebook page in 2017. The two best friends decided to look alike by having the same haircut. These two little boys were just five years old and were different in skin color, as you can see.

Image credits – Facebook / Love What Matters

They planned to trick their teacher by having the same haircut. It was because they believed that they looked alike, like twins. But do they notice what we notice in their awful plan? No. That is how kids are. That person is just their best friend, and they do not even acknowledge the difference in why the other’s skin looks darker or lighter.

Here, we cannot forget one more thing. Being prejudiced and knowing differences are two whole different matters. Children should know the differences among races at the right age and time. They should know why their skin colors differ and the differences between various ethnic groups. That way, it will not be surprising or weird when they look at someone different from them. The more you do not answer their questions, the more they think differently about the others.

So, Lydias’s son, Jax, was convinced that he and his friend Reddy looked like identical twins. Jax’s hair was standing up, while Reddy’s hair was cropped. He thinks that it is the only difference between them. How pure and beautiful. That is why Jax also cut his hair and tried to fool the teacher.

Jax was excited as well. As his mother implies on Facebook, he could not wait to go to school on Monday with his new hairstyle so that his teacher could not tell them apart.

Image credits – Facebook / Love What Matters

She further said this is enough proof that hate and prejudice are taught, as the only difference the kids saw was their hairstyle despite their skin color.

Image credits – Facebook / Love What Matters

The post received more than 85,000 likes; sounds great! Huh? 

Not only that, but also the post received 25,000 shares in less than a week, and many other people also shared their stories about how children are not prejudiced.

A school teacher in Germany shared a conversation between a mother and her son. When the mother asked how many refugees were in the class, the son replied that only kids were in his class.

On the other hand, adults should protect the purity of their kids without rotting them. It is a valuable weapon children have that can change the world someday into a beautiful place.

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