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People on the street helped a lost kid find his father.

Juan Cruz, a little young one, was walking with his dad, Eduardo, at Plaza Dorrego in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, Eduardo lost touch with Juan in the crowd. Juan could not follow his father anymore. He was lost with a crow at Plaza Dorrego in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Imagine if this happened to you. How scary would it be? 

You are a kid, and no one you know is on the road; people are passing by you and looking at you. My heart would be pumping so hard that even someone on the road could hear my heartbeat. But Juan had all the blessings that day. He was lost for a moment, searching for his dad, but his angels found him. They did not come from the sky. They walked towards him.

Juan’s moment

Soon a tall man came near him and asked him why he was alone and about his parents, whether he was lost. Juan told him he had lost his dad Eduardo in the crowd. The tall man did not think twice. He took Juan Cruz to his shoulders. He started shouting Eduardo’s name. A band on the road saw this. They joined to search for Eduardo for Juan. Band members started to sing Eduardo’s name. They improvised a song. They sang Eduardo, come pick up Juan Cruz, to get dad’s attention. And it did not stop there. Juan had more blessings left on that day. The crowd passing them saw this. They were curious. Word spread one by one. Suddenly everyone in the crowd joined the search for Eduardo. Everyone hoped, at any moment, his father would arrive.

Miracle did happen.

Eduardo was also looking for his lost son and heard his name from the crowd. People were shouting, singing, and looking everywhere for the little boy’s dad. On the tall man’s shoulder, Juan was calling for his dad’s name too. Eduardo appeared from the crowd. He hugged Juan the moment he saw him. They both cried. The crowd was happy to see the father and son reuniting. They cheered. They all had happy tears.

Juan or Eduardo didn’t know anyone in the crowd. The tall man, the band, and the crowd are strangers to them. Yet they helped little Juan find his father. These random acts of kindness restore our faith in our faith in humanity.

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