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Pediatric Surgeon Creates Artistic Bandages For His Young Patients.

While not a professional artist, Robert Parry, a pediatric surgeon, does his own hand-drawn work on bandages, which has been making its way across social media. He does it for the love of his patient and not for attention.

Image credits-Akron Children’s Hospital

During his internship in the 1980s, Robert Parry came up with a new technique for using his hands during surgery. The facility where he worked is now known as the Walter Reed National Medical Center. According to him, a surgeon who was a mentor to him had cut out various shark and heart shapes to decorate the bandages of children. He then decided to follow suit

Although he initially thought that the surgeon was doing something wrong, he quickly realized that it was a good idea. He was also pleased by the reactions of the patients and their parents. After working as a general surgeon in Bethesda from 1985 to 1986, he joined the Marines. He then spent six years in the military before he was able to finish his residency. Throughout his career, he has made various art pieces for over 10,000 children. Some of these can be found in the patients’ scrapbooks and hospital posts.

Image Credit-Akron Children’s Hospital

Susan McFrederick, a 45-year-old mother, believes that many families have a strong love for Robert. After a recent operation, she found a pair of whales on her son’s bandages. After graduating from his early specialization, the 61-year-old surgeon decided to surprise the families of the patients by making custom art pieces for them. Some of the pieces he made include Spider-Man, SpongeBob, and butterflies.

When a profession meets passion

A young girl once had a craving for a cheeseburger, but she was unable to eat after her operation, so she woke up to find a cheeseburger stuck to her bandage. He also stated that, while taking a bullet from a child, he drew a red line across the gun’s circle.

According to Parry, most kids want to see sports teams’ logos, as well as cartoon characters such as the princess or the superhero. On the other hand, babies usually get scenes with sea creatures, flowers, and trees.

Some of the most popular holiday scenes include snowmen, holiday cards featuring various characters, and witches on brooms.

It is great being able to help families during a time of stress. Being able to provide them with a smile and a laugh is what I like doing most.

He usually draws a simple heart for patients who are in critical condition. He said that it is difficult to pretend that everything is fine, especially when there are issues that cannot be fixed. Fortunately, he and his team can help the patients get through the day.

After her son underwent gallbladder surgery, which was performed by Dr. Parry, his mom identified a Buzz Lightyear bandage as the key to his recovery.

During the operation, which was very complex, Jackson was in the ICU with multiple tubes coming out of his nose. His mom said that it was very overwhelming to see him. After a nurse asked if she could show him something, she lifted his gown to show him the Buzz Lightyear bandage. It was an instant cheerful distraction.

The reward for Parry is that he can make a difference in a child’s life. He said that aside from the photos of his bandages, the kids can still go on and live their lives.

He is not ready to retire yet, but he has found a new passion that he can use to improve his dexterity. Although he enjoys knitting, he mainly enjoys giving away the items that he makes. Some of these include hats, gloves, and scarfs.

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