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Not Today, Gravity! These Coin Stacking Sculptures will make your jaw drop.

Have you ever tried stacking coins? You probably have, like most of us. It is not an easy task. It would help if you had laser focus to balance the coins. Also, not to mention the incredible amount of patience it requires. Other than that, a good sense of balance comes in handy. Coin stacking could be a great trick to impress your friends.

However, that is until you realize you are not that good at stacking coins.

It is a fun challenge at first until, eventually, the stack of coins falls. For most of us, it ends after a few attempts of trying and finally giving up. Also, in all honesty, we probably do not have enough patience or attention span.

Most of us have probably stacked just a few coins, at most. Maybe we have even balanced a few coins on their edges a couple of times. You must have been proud of yourself for being able to do so. However, there is one guy who puts all our attempts to shame.

Meet young Japanese biologist and artist Shunsuke Tani. He is a master at coin stacking. By balancing coins end-to-end, he places the metal discs close together without falling.

Not only does he balance the coins, he even creates artistic sculptures out of them. He uses his great sense of equilibrium to make small, fascinating sculptures out of carefully positioned coins.

Tani uses his incredible artistry, creativity, and steady hands to develop unbelievable coin designs.

It is safe to assume that our coin stacking skills do not stand a chance against him. Saying Shunsuke Tani is a champion at coin stacking is an understatement. He takes coin stacking to a whole new level. Tani has not only an incredible sense of balancing but also patience and artistic vision too. So think again before you challenge him.

Tani’s work makes you realize that coin stacking is more than just a hobby. It is a craft that creates complex structures out of coins.

To create coin stacking sculptures, you need to have steady hands and a great understanding of balance. Also, in Tani’s case, he has a fantastic sense of artistry too. He showcases his design and architecture skills perfectly in his work.

Noticeably, Tani’s creations are unlike other traditional sculptures. He stacks coins without using any glue to keep them steady. His creations entirely rely on perfect balancing, which is the specialty of his work. It also makes his work stand out among other designs.

Tanu carefully arranges the coins in the correct position without the help of glue. That way, the weight of the coins provides enough support. In other words, he makes these intricate creations while trying to defy gravity.

Tani creates intricate arrangements that are of various shapes and sizes using a range of denominations.

He starts by building a solid base using staggered coins first. The next step is the most difficult. Tanu keeps the coins upright and places them edge-to-edge without the coins falling or even trembling. Once he completes that step, he then stacks even more on top, creating towers of coins. Tani puts a lot of thought into designing these sculptures. Plus, he spends a lot of time and effort putting them together.

It’s a mesmerizing sight, of course. However, it also makes you hold your breath. The carefully positioned sculptures look like they could tumble at any second.

Sometimes, Tani incorporates other elements into his pieces, such as marbles or toothpicks. Such additions make the stack of coins even more precarious.

Shunsuke Tani goes by the name @thumb_tani on Twitter. He started sharing his unbelievable skills in coin stacking on Twitter. He quickly became popular among Twitter users. Understandably, Twitter users were so surprised by his creations. He started gaining a ton of followers. His work impressed everyone who saw them.

The tricks he does with coins got a lot of attention, and people were beyond impressed. Some of his work was impossible, and several of them looked downright impossible.

Tani’s skills and artwork were so perfect, so much so that some suspected that he used camera tricks. Some of the skeptics claim the artist uses glue and other advanced computer graphics to complete his sculptures. They started wondering if Tanu tricked the audience. However, Tanu’s quick response debunked all the suspicions.

He uploaded a video where he proved the doubts. In the video, he shows how his money magic is not fake and, of course, involves no camera tricks at all.

Tani regularly treats his Twitter followers with fantastic coin creations. The artist’s gravity-defying coin creations get better day by day. It seems like he is bettering himself each day.

Nowadays, Tani’s designs have become even more gravity-defying than before. Recently, he pushed the boundaries by making a small stack of coins on the tip of a spoon. Yes, it sounds unbelievable. That is why Tani has to clarify that he uses no tricks, time and time again.

Even now, to prove his technique, Tani occasionally shares videos of his gravity-defying sculptures falling apart. 

You must be eager to check out his breathtaking work. You are in luck because we made a collection of Tani’s best creations for you to check out.

Perhaps, after seeing his creations, you may want to give it a try too. So test your coin stacking skills, patience and creativity, and of course, a sense of balance. Also, a good understanding of architecture and design will come in handy too.

You could challenge your friends to try it out too. It would be fun.

Tani posts pictures and videos of his brilliant work daily on Twitter @Twitter. You can follow Tani and never miss updates on his latest creations.

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