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Mind-blowing Comic Arts With Furious Endings!

When a good artwork is produced, we do not know where that comes from in the artist’s mind. We wonder how on earth a man can think like that. Or else how someone is gifted with such a fantastic talent. The artwork can be a drawing, a novel, a poem, a song, a sculpture, a tattoo, or even comics. So this is all about the artworks of two clever artists who create comics.

Years ago, Ehud Lavski, a writer partnering with illustrator Yael Nathan began making short comics and published them on the internet. They made a perfect combination; even they could catch the hearts of the readers. Their comics became very famous and spread among people faster. Millions of people have read those comics, and they responded with strong emotions.  When they work together, they discuss their ideas with each other. There are always differences between their ideas, and so that when they find something that both of them are passionate about, they start working on that idea and make beautiful stories. That is how they create exciting comics that many people love. What they say is The ideas for the comics come to their mind from everywhere. Sometimes fully formed ideas appear, and sometimes ideas come to their mind from dreams and nightmares.

The following are three stories created by them. Those are entirely different from each other and are loved by many people. In another way, those stories also look like fairy tales.

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The tattoo artist

Artists are amazing as they are rich with unique talents. Even if a tattoo artist is a fantastic person, to produce a tattoo on someone’s skin, hard work, good practice, and creative eyes with skillful hands are essential. And he must have patience in him. Everything is in the artist’s hands.

There was a great tattoo artist who made perfect art. He was a mysterious one as no one knew the place he lived. He had no address. He was a legend and was the spoken topic among people. He suddenly appears in a random tattoo parlor with his suitcase in the middle of the night. And without asking what the customer needs, he starts doing his artwork. Whenever he appears, the other tattoo artists in the parlor provide space for him to do the work without asking any questions. And then gathered around him in silence and kept an eye on his work. He would give you the tattoo you needed, and that would be the best match for you. He creates beautiful images in your body. Then with the rise of the sun, he would disappear as he appeared.

The Starlet was a magnificent woman. She was perfect in her look. Like her clothes and accessories, She wanted to have the best body in the world. There, she wanted to have a tattoo on her body, and she waited many years for that legendary tattoo artist to appear and have the best tattoo.

One night Starlet’s phone rang, and that phone call said that the tattoo artist appeared in a nearby parlor. Then she ran into that parlor to get tattooed from him. Without waiting for her chance to come, Starlet gave money to the people waiting in the line, and her bodyguards blocked the ones who made a fuss. Then she lay down to get tattoed. After having a look at her for a long time, the tattoo artist began his work. Without looking up, he worked hard on her tattoo for hours. At the end of his work, Starlet’s back was covered entirely by his work. That was an art of her own back with her long dazzling hair. That art was attractive even Starlet could not get her eyes from it. She looked at it hundreds of times a day. 

But something unusual started to happen. Whenever Starlet looked at her back, she noticed that her tattoo changed even slightly from the last time she looked at it. The figure in the tattoo began lifting her arms, and she was sure that the figure would also move its head. One day Starlet ran into the tattoo parlor half-mad and screamed. She cried by saying a terrible thing happened to her tattoo. Although she begged others to help her find that tattoo artist, nobody knew where he would be. People around there coughed a glimpse of her tattoo, and it was scary, and it could give them all nightmares. At night she dreamed that the scary thing on her back would wrap its arms around her neck, and she knew that sooner it would happen. There Starlet began to cover all the mirrors at her home and threw out all her cameras. 

She missed her precious time and occasions when staring endlessly at her tattoo. She stopped thinking about that scary thing and moved on with her life.

And then what about that thing? Would It stop moving? No, as time went by, the strange thing on her back grew more and more.

Stormy weather

What do you think if the weather suddenly changed into stormy weather because of someone’s voice? That is completely a scary thing. Really, that kind of person exists? Yea, there was. There was a lady who can bring storms from her voice. She was a tiny and frail woman whose name is Mary Washington. When she got onto the stage and opened her mouth to take out her most amazing voice, her surroundings suddenly began to change. 

Mary Washington used to sing in the clubs. But because of this scary ability, she was dismissed by many clubs in the town. She performed in a dingy club in Harlem every week. And it was the last one after every other club that banned her in the city. As usual, she got onto the stage and began to sing in the club. Her incredible voice came out and at the same time, the surrounding was covered with dark clouds, and it began to rain. Others had nothing to do instead of staring at her. When she stopped her singing, the surrounding felt so empty.

On the night Mari’s husband died, she got up on stage with tears in her eyes. She sang a song of dazzling love and awful longing by sweeping. The whole environment turned dark, and it began to rain. That was not just rain but also a storm. The whole environment was a mess. While the environment was turning into a mess, her beautiful voice filled the air. Then after she stopped, the world felt empty and spread the silence. That was the last time Mary Washington was viewed. 

Kurzweil’s Time Machine

Jacob Kurzweil was an older man who lived with his wife. He had a time machine in the guest room of his home. He spent his whole time making that machine, and It took years to build it from old machine parts and refrigerators. Kurzweil always kept the guest room locked, and no one was allowed to enter that room. Mrs. Kurzweil could not imagine whether he was in the room or not. When the guests arrived, Mrs. Kurzweil had to offer them the basement instead of the guest room to stay in, with the old things her husband collected on National Geographic. 

Mrs. Kurzweil was tired of looking at Mr. Kurzweil’s work. One day Mrs. Kurzweil packed her luggage and stood in front of the locked guest room with an angry face. She screamed, “either this infernal machine goes, or I go.” But he never opened the door and so she left Mr. Kurzweil alone. Even after three months, when she arrived back, Mr. Kurzweil did not utter a word about the whole affair with her. 

Mr. Kurzweil insisted to everyone that his machine works. He screamed about parallel universes and black holes. But no one believed him as no one was allowed to see the machine in the guest room of his home. His relatives believed that the old man was gone mad, and they did not change their thoughts about him until his death. After his death, the others finally broke the door to open the guest room. They found the time machine on the floor disassembled and broke into tiny pieces. Mr. Kurzweil did not even leave a note about the machine. By seeing them, Mr. Kurzweil’s relatives felt at ease as no longer they had to deal with the old man’s stuff. 

But unfortunately, that relief was immature. As decades later, Mr. Kurzweil’s family was still suffering from his ire. Mr. Kurzweil suddenly appears from somewhere in their room and screams, “I told you that it works,” and then disappears, giggling back to eternity. 

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