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Josiah Johnson, A True Inspiration Who Succeeded His Basketball Dream Without Legs.

Misfortune of life

The majority of us are lucky enough to be in a better healthy body with a better mindset without a single odd feature. But that is not the same for everybody. Some people are disabled both mentally and physically. However, today I will focus on the physically disabled humankind. We hear a lot about the negative aspects of disability but less about those who are doing fantastic despite their disability.

“Disability = Inability”?

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Disability does not mean Inability. YES. Disability does not mean you cannot do the same as others. It is a fact that it is not easy. But still, it is not impossible to do so.

Their disabilities can be their worst enemy when pursuing their dreams because that builds a huge barrier. But there are several people who overcame it.

A true inspiration

This young fellow we are going to introduce is also as such. Josiah Johnson, a young student with a passion for basketball, was born without his legs. But he made it to the school basketball team somehow. So he undoubtedly is a living inspiration to a lot of youngsters around the world.

He inspired many sports fans with his determination and desire towards what he prefers, despite his non-existing legs. Josiah has been playing basketball since kindergarten. The 8th grader’s hard work on the court eventually paid off when he made the middle school team at Moore Middle School in Louisville.

Excitement and Desire

People with disabilities often try to hide their excitement and desire for what they like to do. The same thing happened with Josiah also. He stated that he wanted to show he was just like us or even better. He never wanted to differentiate himself from others.

He further said how excited he truly was. He always masked up his desire and excitement in front of his coach. But he was excited whenever he went to the gym and felt proud of himself for making the team.

His coach, Daquan Boyd, had amazing things to say about this incredible teenager. He stated how Josiah showed up daily and mixed up with others on the same activities out of passion. He was happy to witness that.

He did not only make the team but also started as a member of the lineup.

Moore middle schooler Josiah Johnson makes basketball team despite not having legs

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