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Jae-Hyo Lee Creates Sculptures Out Of Abandoned Tree Trunks.

Jae-Hyo Lee, a South Korean artist, masters turning discarded timber into stunning works of art that amaze visitors with their beauty and usefulness.

Seamlessly combining metal and wood, Jaehyo Lee creates complex sculptures that display his subtle comedy and material ability. His works blur the lines between industrial and fine arts, mixing playful, abstract patterns with helpful furniture.

Lee creates his paintings on burnt-black wood, in which he bends steel bolts and nails or places new wood discs within. Like living things, the nail plans conjure up visions of spinning galaxies or vivid life forms, while the arrangements joyfully explore the various characteristics of wood.

Lee pushes the borders between art and design with his work, asking audiences to reevaluate their understanding of what defines each discipline. In addition to being works of artistic beauty, his sculptures elicit thought and inspire viewers to consider the intricacies of creation and nature. 

 When wood and metal are in Lee’s hands, they come to life and combine to create dynamic compositions that excite the senses and capture the imagination. He reminds us of the innate enchantment contained in the materials surrounding us by bringing us into a world where fun and utility exist in each work.

View the breathtaking woodcarving artwork below! See the unique beauty of these works of art for yourself.

More info: leeart.name | artsy.net | YouTube (h/t: mymodernmet)

It is impossible to classify Lee’s sculptures because they include abstract sculptures in addition to tables, stools, and benches. Each work has meticulous attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of form, showing Lee’s devotion to his profession and his capacity to add humor and charm to his creations.

Lee uses his meticulous dedication to detail to piece together different wood pieces, utilizing their inherent characteristics to produce artwork that exudes balance and harmony. To reveal the wood’s distinct textures and grains, he first burns the material. He brings out the natural beauty of the material by skillfully polishing every piece to increase its contrast in appearance.

Lee believes the best way to express his art is to let the wood speak for itself without forcing his ideas upon it. To generate a strong emotional response from viewers, he aims to maintain and enhance the material’s original features.

With each element painstakingly created to perfection in every way, Lee’s sculptures are a tribute to his dedication and skill. His work features a wide variety of forms and textures, each with its unique personality, ranging from significant works to more quiet, personal pieces.

Lee’s ability to turn everyday items into unique pieces of beauty is one of his signature artistic styles. He turns abandoned tree trunks into magnificent artworks that transcend their modest beginnings through his inventive use of materials and processes.

When Lee works with wood, it becomes a tool for experimentation and expression, enabling him to produce works that have an emotional and visual impact. His works of art entice spectators to look into the small complexities and varied textures that characterize each work by interacting with them physically.

Though unquestionably stunning, Lee’s artworks also blur the distinction between art and design because of their usefulness. In addition to their remarkable aesthetic qualities, many of his creations have practical uses, such as seats or tables. This gives them an even more appealing combination of functionality and style.

In spite of his artistic achievements and recognition, Lee maintains his self-respect and groundedness while constantly exploring novel possibilities for creativity and inspiration. His art never stops surprising and constantly developing, exciting audiences everywhere with its eternal beauty and magnetic elegance.

Jae-Hyo Lee encourages us to reevaluate our relationship with nature and to find beauty and possibility in the unlikeliest of locations through his artistic creations. His sculptures are a moving reminder of the inherent beauty and value of the materials that surround us in a culture that is becoming more and more cut off from the natural environment. 

Jae-Hyo Lee’s wood sculptures are more than just beautiful things; they are expressions of his enthusiasm, creativity, and respect for the natural world. His body of work transcends the borders of art, inspiring and enthralling everyone who sees it thanks to his precise craftsmanship and unshakable dedication.

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