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I Am Saving The Koalas— The Newest Project By The Australian Teens Is To Keep These Sweet Fur Babies.

Australia is one of the countries that gets attacked by bush fries occasionally. This has happened almost every year recently, making humans and animals homeless. The animals are the majority affected by these bushfires. 

Each year, the statistics reveal that a large number of animals get killed because of the spreading bushfires. Last September, some shocking news was announced. According to the reports, over 500 million animals have passed away because of the flames. Among them, the most brutal hit was the koala population. And many others passed away in the calamity.

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This situation showed another side of the people we did not often see. It is that many people were willing to stand up and help rescue these species, especially the Koalas. Two teenagers, Micah and Caleb, are heroes who gained praise all over the internet. The two cousins went through all the trouble to drive around Kangaroo Island to rescue the koalas. They were generous enough to put them in their car to save them from bushfires.

This act of kindness is a new eye-opener for everyone in the community. Everyone is very optimistic about the recovery of wildlife after the calamity. The fires have destroyed a lot of their habitat as well as their primary food sources. The Koalas will have a food shortage until the natural habitats return to normal. That is the hope of everyone. The key intention is to keep the existing population fed and cared for until nature and their natural habitat return to normal. 

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The two teenagers plan to look after the Koalas until they are healthy and safe to return to their everyday lives. They will be well taken care of until they return to the wild. According to the two heroes, 60% of the Koalas they rescued were burnt to death. They were trying to save as many as possible. 

With this new effort, many locals joined the worthy cause. Some were generous enough to supply food for the team, and some joined to rescue the wildlife. Some units have risked themselves when attempting to save the animals from the fire. 

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Some people were lucky enough to save their homes. People did not want their entire world and wealth burned away, which made the firefighters’ job much harder. That was one sad situation that many of the people who lived around went through. They could not just decide to leave their homes and save themselves. They could not bear to see their effort burn away. It is so sad to witness such destruction and be unable to protect yourself. 

The culprit for this situation is seen as the recent changes in the government. The usual case was to practice backfires to mitigate the fire-spreading risk. However, the problem has been controlled to a more significant extent. The world had only spread the news about the devastating situation in Australia but no more extensive support to rescue the animals. According to the University of Sydney, estimates show that nearly a billion animals, including wombats, koalas, crocs, platypus, etc., have lost their lives; all are threatened species. Also, many people have delivered injured animals, including kolas, to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. 

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Anyway, the act of kindness by the two teenagers was a massive step towards rescuing the animals caught in the bushfires. They are superheroes in disguise and a real example to all of us. 

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