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Giving A 21st Century Makeover To Iconic Historical Figures

We have heard a lot about significant historical figures. They represent different eras of history. What if they lived today? What if they time-traveled to the 21st century?

Becca Saladin wondered how historical figures would look in today’s day and age. She is an incredible artist from Dallas, Texas. Becca got the fantastic idea to recreate images of iconic historical figures with a modern look. She started creating such images in February 2019. World-famous statues, portraits of historical figures inspire her to create. Becca has made a lot of fascinating illustrations of remarkable people in history. She shares her incredible work on Instagram, and her 40,000 followers can’t get enough of it.

Becca was always fascinated by history and archaeology. She looks at history differently than most other people. Most people would look at history as just a combination of different events. They would think of it as a film that’s outside of their reach. Becca believes that what fascinates us about history brings us closer to it.

Becca’s project, “Royalty Now,” began in the hopes of recreating her favorite historical personalities with a modern twist. She especially wanted to see Anne Boleyn as a lady of today’s age. She took the few pictures available of her and brought her back to life as a glamorous modern-day lady.

Becca also created other historical icons like Mona Lisa, Emperor Augustus, Abraham Lincoln, and many more. Check them out below.

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#1 Nefertiti

The statue of Nefertiti is a world-renowned art piece. Nefertiti was married to the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten. This statue is an incredible creation that shows the striking features of Nefertiti.  Becca got inspired by it to create a modern-day version of Nefertiti.

#2 Julius Caesar

#3 Alexander The Great

A fun fact about Alexander the Great is that he had unique and striking features. His most distinguishing features were his golden locks and two different colors of eyeballs. As you can see, Becca perfectly captured that in her modern interpretation.

#4 Queen Elizabeth I

#5 Agrippina The Younger

Empress Agrippina the Younger was the first express Rome ever had. She belonged to a powerful family. Her sister was Emperor Caligula, and her son was Emperor Nero. You could see her strength and confident nature in the modern version.

#6 Anne Boleyn

#7 Jane Austen

#8 Mary, Queen Of Scots

#9 Madame De Pompadour

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson a.k.a Madame De Pompadour was an artist herself. She and Louis XV met each other in 1745 at a covered ball. Then she went on to become his special lady until the year 1751. She also held an important position in politics at the French court.

#10 Empress Elisabeth Of Austria

History books say that Elisabeth, aka Sisi, was a beautiful, sharp-witted, and energetic lady. She represented the late 1800s European times.

#11 Louis XIV, The Sun King

#12 Katherine Of Aragon

Katherine of Aragon was one of the queens of England. She was married to King Henry VIII.  She was a mild, devoted, and agreeable person. History provides few portraits of her that differ from each other slightly. The modern version captures her features and her gentle personality perfectly. 

#13 Louis XV

King Louis XV of France reigned for 59 years.  He is also known for his mistresses Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Barry.

#14 Marie Antionette

#15 Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was King Henry VIII’s last wife. She outlived her king.

#16 Emperor Augustus

Emperor Augustus Caesar was Rome’s first Emperor. His legacy is controversial because of the cruel way he came to the throne. Nevertheless, he’s known as one of the best leaders ever to rule Rome.

#17 Queen Isabella Of Castile

Queen Isabella of Castile was married to Ferdinand II of Aragon. She financially supported  Christopher Columbus to travel the world.

#18 The Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov

#19 Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most significant political figures in history. His presidency lasted from March 1861 until he died in 1865.

#20 Christina Of Denmark

Danish Princess Christina lived from 1521 – 1590. Christina was one of  Henry VIII’s choices to marry. However, given Henry’s reputation of killing off his wives, Christina knew better to stay away from him. She was brave enough to openly say, “On the chance that if I had two heads, one ought to be at the King of England’s removal.” 

#21 Madame Du Barry

Madame du Barry became the special lady of Louis XV after Madame de Pompadour’s death.

#22 Caligula

Caligula was the 3rd emperor of Rome. He was also the first to get killed by Romans.

#23 Eleanor Of Toledo

Eleanor of Toledo was a lady to Cosimo I de Medici. She played an important part in political matters too. 

#24 Napoleon

You must have seen a lot of portraits and statues of him. In his paintings and sculptures, he appears to be pretty short. However, according to resources, he was 5’7 tall. People are somewhat confused about Napoleon’s height. Some even say that they got his height wrong when translating it from French to English. What do you think? Any theories?

#25 Katherine Howard

Katherine Howard was one of the unfortunate wives of King Henry VIII. Sadly, she reigned as the Queen of England for only sixteen months.  Katherine was the cousin of King Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. When King Henry married Katherine, she was only 16 or 17 while he was 49 years old. At one point, King Henry ordered to kill her due to accusations of adultery.

#26 Benjamin Franklin

#27 Henry VIII

#28 King Henry VII

Henry VII was the king of England. He’s the starter of the Tudor monarch.

#29 Mona Lisa

#30 Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was a fabulous American actress. She’s starred in many Hollywood movies. She later became the Princess of Monaco after her marriage to Prince Rainier III.

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