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Former Disney Master carver reached a place Michelangelo was familiar with

Imagine when you spend your vacation free time enjoying life. And while on the journey, you meet one thing you admire most. How amazing would that be? The world-renowned former woodcarver of Disney, Raymond Kinman, had the chance to get that rare opportunity. Before getting into that unique story, let us familiarize ourselves with Raymond Kinman a little.

Wood carving legend

Walking around Disneyland, you probably have seen attractions like Indiana Jones Adventure, Country Bear Playhouse, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Village Haus Restaurant. 

Can you guess who carved those beautiful creations? 

You are right!

Raymond Kinman is a Former Woodcarver at Walt Disney Imagineering.

His wood carvings have brightened so many places in the world, bringing him one of the world’s top artists. He currently works as a craftsman and teacher at Raymond Kinman Woodcarver. This fantastic artist recently got a rare chance to visit marble mountain in Italy. But it was a trip he did not plan on his vacation visits.

Heading to Pisa, Italy, and suddenly…

That day they were driving down the highway headed for Pisa. They were enjoying their time. Suddenly Kinman noticed something on the road. They pulled off the highway to find out what it was. There were countless huge (12′ x 12′) white cubes in what appeared to be storage yards along both sides of the highway. There were miles and miles of them. Those giant cubes were white marble.

What were they doing there?

They were curious to find out why those white marbles were there. They googled their location to find a clue. It turned out that they were only a few miles from Carrara, Italy, and approximately 20 miles from the mountain that produces the finest marble in the world.

It turns out they were right near Carrara, Italy, and about 20 miles away from (what is left of) the mountain where the finest marble in the world comes from. He remembered it was Carrara marble, the stone Michelangelo used for his creations.

They turned the trip around.

They decided that Pisa could wait and made a detour up to the quarry to take a look. They also took pictures of the memories while they were there. 

Lucky for us, he posted them on his social media. In the social media post, he said that the picture makes it difficult to see or understand the scale, but that mountain was huge, and since people had torn up this mountain for thousands of years, everything was covered in fine white powder.

Word for you from Legend Raymond Kinman

He was so thrilled he could visit something he admired and loved. He also left a message for you in his post. He said it is worth visiting if you’re ever in Northern Italy. And you can take tours of the quarry since it’s not a popular tourist site, so it is open.

Source-Raymond Kinman

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