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Do you want to help a dog? – Foster a dog!

We get too busy in our daily life, Kids, managing family, balancing work, socializing, traveling, we do all these kinds of stuff. 

But are you one of those people who thinks about dogs in your busy routine? 

You could be running hundreds of errands a day, but when you see a dog or are reminded of one, does your heart fill with love toward dogs? 

Then this article is for you. 

You can show your love to a puppy or dog by fostering or helping someone to foster one.

You and Almost Home Canine Rescue have something in common.

Almost Home Canine Rescue is created with many people like you. Many diverse foster families from different backgrounds save various types of dogs. People in the rescue have different financial situations, schedules, places of living, workspaces, relationships, health situations, and workloads. Some even have animals in their homes, while others do not. All of them chose to volunteer their time and talents. All of these are so important and help save dogs.

Whatever your situation is in life, you can foster too

Almost Home Canine Rescue did the following photography campaign to show the world that people who joined with rescue are all distinctive individuals from various backgrounds, including different sorts of families and occupations. If they all can do with everything that goes on in their lives, you can too. And that is the appeal of volunteerism and rescue efforts. There’s always a need for individuals from all backgrounds. Almost Home Canine Rescue can save various dogs thanks to special foster and volunteer families.

You are important. Save a dog. Be a part of the whole.

Do not let your identity restrict you. 

Do not undervalue yourself because of your origins. Never convince yourself you cannot because of personal struggles you are having. Every dog has its place, and the same is true for you.

Can’t foster a dog but still want to help one?

Don’t worry!

You can volunteer for the cause. Help by transporting dogs, donating them to people who care for them like you, adopting, sharing, and networking.

The following images are from the ‘I Foster I Volunteer Campaign’ by Almost Home Canine Rescue to show everyone that whichever circumstance you are in life, you can foster a dog to save a dog. All the credits go to Terri with tac photography.

She is a medical student, and she fosters too.

She has a son, a cat, and three dogs she fosters.

They foster as a family.

She works two jobs, and she fosters too.

She is a mom of two dogs and works a full-time job. She fosters too.

He is starting medical school. He fosters too.

She has a can and two dogs. She works a full-time job. She fosters too.

She is a social worker. She fosters too.

She has a dog. She works a full-time job. She fosters too.

He is a gamer he foste

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