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Do All Kids Enjoy Their First Day At The School? -Find The Real-Life Photos !

What memories do you have on your first day at your school?

Sometimes you may have gone with a cheerful face, and sometimes that may be completely different from that. The first day of school is really an exciting and emotional experience for both kids and parents. Different reactions can be seen in parents and children. 

“Yeah, it is my first day at school. I should hurry.”

Sometimes this kind of positive reaction may come from kids.

Or else,

“No, I do not want to go to school. I do not like it…” and this and that.

This kind of reaction also can be seen in them with long faces.

Parents express their feelings like this.

“I’m happy that they went back. Now the food bill will go down, and the house will stay clean. However, the house is way too quiet.” 

Some mothers cheer up on the first day of their child’s school because they gain freedom from that. With such thought, thoughts like sadness, loneliness also comes to their mind.

Parents drop their kids at the school gate on the first day with lots of thoughts. 

Fathers and mothers bring their kids to the school by dressing them neatly and tidy.

But the kid you see at the school gate after school looks completely different from how you took them to the school.

All have messed up!

The following images depict how the kids’ first days looked like before and after the schools. 

The very first day at school seems to be a hard day!

Kebab connoisseur

It seems fun at school on the first day!


How did it change this way? It is not like the first day.


Work hard until you need a nap asap!

The end of the tiresome first-day at the school!

OMG! Life is pretty hard even on the first day!

Too excited at the beginning. But what happened the next day?

Cheer up, sister. Come on


Whether I go tomorrow or not

I can not do it anymore.

Carole Garcia

Drag my body not my spirit!


Mom must have lied to us!

I never thought this would be tiresome.

End of a long day

It seems like she enjoyed her first day.

Should have a second thought about school.

He is excited to go home.

This kid was forced to go to school.


She seems happy about her school life.

OMG! Should I keep doing this?


Picture filled with excitement!

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