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Did You Find An Abandoned Dog? No Problem. Just Make It An Employee, Just Like Negão.

The relationship between a man and a dog has always been exceptional. They are considered best friends and have had a special bond for thousands of years. When we see how the dogs play, obey, and live with us, we can see how much they are attached to humankind. When you decide to have a dog as a pet, it will no longer be just a pet for you. That pet becomes a part of your family and means so much to each one of the family members. But that is not the case for everyone, though. 

Though leaving your pet, who is ready to be loyal to you for a lifetime, is cruel, some people still tend to do it under different circumstances. It can be financial problems; it can be because of a disease the pet is having, or it can be because of a newborn child. However, abandoning a pet instead of surrendering them is too heartless even think about. It may lead to misery, fear, and loneliness. 

Nonetheless, there are still hundreds of thousands of animals that their owners abandon. 

When it comes to pet abandonment, we can never forget about dogs. Dogs are mostly the victims of abandonment. Today’s story is also about an innocent doggie whose owner abandoned him.

This dog is Negão. The fellow was abandoned at a petrol stop by his previous owner. 

But would you believe that the dog is now a gas station employee? 

Yes, he is. Let us see how all of that happened.

It all started when Sabina Planner and her partner purchased a Shell gas station. The station was in the town of Magoi das Cruises, Brazil, and was under construction then. That was when they met the poor Canine, Negão, wandering here and there. Hence they decided to adopt him, which was so lovely of them.

According to Sabrina, they got him all the needed animal care and food after they adopted the dog. Not only that, they also bought him a house and a leash for walks later on. Then they did something really amazing. Try to guess what it is. They made the dog an employee at the gas station. 

That sounds like an excellent idea, huh? 

It is the perfect way to associate with him without making him feel lonely, as he is always there with you. And the doggie will have something to do in the presence of his owners than staying alone at home doing nothing.

Negão even has a worker’s ID. He is truly an official worker now. But there can be a little problem. Dogs can be a little frightened and panicked in front of strangers. But it was not the case for this buddy. He was natural when it came to socializing. It is like the job was done for him at the end. He was too good when it comes to stellar customer service.

Sabrina implied that Negão waits for people to arrive and then says hello. There Negão wins them over with his charms. She further said all the customers love the dog, and some people even bring him toys.

Isn’t this the perfect example for others as well? 

Abandoning your beloved pet is a crime. It is vicious and heartless. Though we can not stop thousands of people from being willing to do it for whatever reason they got. However, we can still encourage others to do what Sabrina and her partner did. If we can persuade other people and places to adopt abandoned pets, the world will be better. And this kind of activity is the definition of humanity.

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