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Dad Of Quintuplets Faces Social Media Backlash After A Video Of Him Putting A Leash On Children Went Viral.

Children are the most important thing to any parent in the world. After you become a parent, you make a bond with your child. It is unexplainable, and it is the purest love there is. So, to protect the children, parents take many measures. They do not think twice about putting their own life on the line to save their children. This story is about a social media backlash a father faced when he did something with the intention of guaranteeing his children’s safety.

Dad bearing the responsibility of quintuplets

Being a parent is a big responsibility. And when you have quintuplets who are five years old, the responsibility is five times more. Children at this age want to know more about the world. They want to see many things, experience new things, enjoy nature, run and play with everything around them.

But as adults, we know since they are children, they could get hurt, will touch or keep disposals or poisonous things to them, or get lost if you lose them from your eyesight for a second. And that would be any parent’s nightmare. This 31-year-old young father, Jordan Driskell, is the same as any other parent. As much as his wife does, he adores his kids and does not want anything to harm them.

Jordan’s creative solution

As any parent would take any necessary thing to keep their children safe, Jordan Driskell found a way to keep these five youngsters together when they go out. And it was a creative idea by Jordan. Being a dad of quintuplets made him think like that. His idea was to use leashes on them. So they will not run away, and they will always be safe with their parents.

Didn’t Jordan try anything else? 

In the past, Driskell’s large family used a stroller with six seats. 

But because the youngsters would be bothered when within it, that quickly became boring. Taking the stroller anywhere was also a major hassle. Jordan Driskell’s idea was working well. When the family is out, the young children can roam and discover their surroundings without their father losing track of them or losing control of them, keeping them safe.

The video that went viral…

Jordan posted a video of the family’s outing to the aquarium. People saw he was taking his five kids public on leashes, and it did not take a minute to shame and give negative replies to this creative

dad’s video. They needed to see the creative side of Jordan’s idea. People shared the video everywhere, and it became viral. It reached three million views in 3 days.

Thousands of people remarked that the kids should not have been on leashes because they were not animals. In some comments, people said things like, if Jordan cannot manage the pressure, does not have so many kids, and another said, cannot Jordan properly train his children?

That led to a great deal of criticism aimed at the parents. Over 3 million people have watched the viral video of the children on leashes.

An expert’s opinion

A contrary viewpoint was expressed by Dr Deborah Gilboa, a parenting and teenage development specialist. According to her, a leash will not cause your child to mistake them for an animal. And, of course, a leash is a much better solution if staying at home is the only other choice.

Dr Gilboa stated that a leash is an excellent tool for younger children or children with neurodiversity to be regulated in a public setting. However, she warned that if a neurotypical youngster is not unrestrained by the ages of eight and nine and has not, thus, honed their listening abilities, that may be problematic.

Without needless social criticism, parents should be able to raise their children in whatever they see fit.

Images source: driskell_quints_dad

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