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Coach Stallings Wakes Up Every Day With A Smile & New Hope!

Aging is a natural part of life. It is common to us all. Our bodies and minds may not function as they once did as we age. But getting older does not necessarily mean you need to lose happiness and joy in life. Many people find that they become more content and fulfilled as they age. This story is about a man who embraced the changes that came with aging to live a fulfilling and satisfying life. Despite his age and health challenges, Coach Stallings is determined to continue to improve himself.

Coach is young in mind!

Coach Gene Stallings is an 87-year-old retired American football player and coach who led the Alabama Crimson Tide to a national championship in 1992. Despite his age and health challenges, Coach Stallings maintains a positive outlook and a strong determination to improve himself.

Coach Gene Stallings’ voice sounded strong and giddy when he was caught moments before he left his Texas ranch to run an errand. At 87 years old, the coach’s health was about as good as it can get for a man with three strokes and a heart attack. Despite his health challenges, Coach Stallings sounded upbeat, attributing his good spirits to the great weather in Texas and his family’s recent Christmas gathering.

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Family means everything to him.

Coach Stallings is a family-oriented man who values spending time with his loved ones. His large Christmas gathering with his daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren is described as his true Christmas gift. The family’s ability to visit John Mark’s grave beyond the porch enabled them to share beautiful stories and connect.

Image credits-Martha Stallings

When asked about his New Year’s resolution, the coach said he wants to be a better man, less anxious, and more patient. He also wants to take more time to enjoy life and “smell the roses.” Coach Stallings’ attitude towards life is an inspiration for all of us, especially for those who are growing older.

Happiness is around the corner; all you need to do is look around.

Coach Stallings loves the outdoors. He has a close companionship with his dog Buddy and tractor. The mid-to-upper sixties weather has allowed him to get outside and spend time with his beloved companions, improving his mood. His ability to find joy in simple things, like spending time with his family and pets, is an example for everyone to remember the importance of cherishing the present moment.

Image credits-Martha Stallings

Coach Stalling’s new year resolution

His New Year resolves to be a better man, less anxious, and more patient. He acknowledges the importance of tasting the roses and enjoying life. Coach Stallings’ positive outlook on life is a reminder that age is just a number. Despite his health challenges and advanced age, the coach continues to live his life to the fullest and remains engaged with the world around him.

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