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CASPER, The Heroic Guardian, Killed 8 Coyotes & Saved A Flock Of Sheep.

Do heroes always wear capes? NO!

In contrast to popular belief, heroes aren’t limited to comic books or the screen or even to humanity. They say, “every hero doesn’t wear a cape.” Yes, heroes could be genuinely unpredictable. Anyone could be a hero in an unexpected situation. That’s why heroism lies within animals too. 

All animals can have incredible feats if their survival is on the line. But there are ones who put their lives in danger for others.

Just like that, when ravenous coyotes attacked an innocent flock of sheep, it was Casper who came to the rescue. So here’s the story of Casper, the guardian dog.

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The incident was near Wierwiller’s house.

On the evening of November 3rd, around 9 p.m., a pack of hungry coyotes barged into a farm in Decatur, Georgia, owned by John Wierwiller. Coyotes were targeting a flock of sheep. The owner did a great job. He was able to push away the coyotes by throwing rocks at them. But the will of the coyotes was stronger. They were determined to get what they wanted. So they went away just to come back at two in the morning. But little did they know Casper was waiting for them.

Wierwiller owned two guard dogs, Casper and Daisy. They were courageous enough to keep trying to protect the innocent sheep. However: some coyotes had already made it to the pen, and others were closer. At that time, there were about six coyotes ready to attack the sheep and their guardians. But Wierwiller was somewhat more worried about Casper than anything else because Casper seemed to be the main focus of the coyotes.

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The appearance of a true hero

And this is where the story of heroic Casper begins. He didn’t hesitate to throw himself in the middle of greedy coyotes and fought with them for 30 minutes, successfully killing a few. On the other hand: the coyotes, who were able to get away from Casper, jumped out of the wall and ran away. However: Casper was strong-willed to get them all. So he chased them out of the fence. Meanwhile, the owner lost sight of Casper.

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After the endless bloody fight, Casper successfully ended up killing eight coyotes all by himself. And none of the sheep were hurt. But it seemed like Wierwiller couldn’t celebrate but worry about Casper more as he found parts of its tail with blood. He looked for Casper everywhere with the help of neighbors but couldn’t find him.

“So the next day, we thought we could find him, we thought that he must have been killed, and so we were looking for him,” Wierwiller said.

CASPER Returned.

After a couple of days, Casper returned home by himself.

So, Wierwiller looked after Casper with the help of LifeLine, which is a non-profit that aims to stop the shelter euthanasia of healthy and mendable animals.

And the dog had to undergo several surgeries to close up neck and back wounds. And Casper’s tail had been cut as well.

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How is CASPER doing? 

Wierwiller updated the following on his Facebook page “Ewe can do it Naturally” on November 28th.

Wierwiller had some really great news about an hour ago, and the emergency vets were able to close up Casper’s neck wound! Moreover, Wierwiller mentioned that Casper will be back at the LifeLine Clinic this afternoon for a check-up there and probably stay for several more days.”

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He also thanked LifeLine, who even launched GoFundMe for Casper’s hospital bills which cost about $15,000. The funds were over the goal. And they are hoping to use the remained funds in the future.

It has evident that Casper might not be able to be the guardian of the sheep again. But he will be remembered as a hero in Wierwiller’s heart forever and ours as well.

For more updates: Ewe Can Do It Naturally.

CASPER’s recovery

Watch this video to discover how Casper was treated and helped to recover.

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