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Can People Go As Far As To Hate On A Little Angle Just Because Of Outer Appearance?

What does beauty mean to you? Is it the outer appearance? If it is a yes, then it should not be. Beauty is both outer and inner beauty. Every human is beautiful in their way. We should also learn to appreciate the unique beauty of everyone and ours. But no matter what we say, some still want to have a say in what others do and how they should look.

Especially women have been under a lot of stress because of the so-called stereotypes made by society. Everyone tries their hardest to reach those standards that are for no good at all. Nowadays, people desperately believe in unrealistic beauty set by society rather than appreciating the person for who they are. Why should others decide our self-worth? It is a matter that is only up to you.

On the other hand, for some people, their unique looks come with the moment they are born. They can have a different yet rare beauty than others that some people would find hard to digest, which is the bitter truth. 

This little girl was also a rare beauty since her birth due to her unique birthmark. Angelica was born in 2018, giving the utmost happiness to her family. The baby girl was beautiful with attractive features. Not only that, but also she had a heart-shaped port wine stain on her little face, making her even more special. The mark was never a problem for her family. Everyone was over the moon with little Angelica being born and loved one of the things about her.

But as We said earlier, some people dare to comment on how others should live and look. Having social media makes it worse as people give their opinions, which is mostly like criticism about others without a care about how others feel. Even a little newborn is an exception. According to Angelica’s mother, Marianna Bowering, several people dared to say negatively about the little girl as they pleased. The worst comment she found online was asking if Angelica’s face was pushed into a skillet. The person was asking if the baby’s face was grilled. How rude and heartless of a human being that person is. That’s what Marianna told Mirror.

The unpleasant comment about Angelica goes beyond just online comments. As Angelica’s father implies, some even labeled his daughter ‘hideous’ and a ‘defect.’ So ignoring these insults was a challenge, and the comments also hurt their family. However, Marianna never wanted her daughter to stop loving herself and supported her through it. She once even painted her face just like the mark on Angelica’s face and twinned. According to Epoch Times, the mom got the idea from vascular birthmark awareness day and decided to apply makeup to look just like our baby girl.

On the other hand, some tried to comfort them rather than the harsh comments, saying the mark would fade away once she grew older. But is that what Marainna wanted? NO! She wants her daughter to love herself and embrace who she is, and she is running away from herself. But people have a certain stereotype of how one should look rather than supporting someone’s true self as expected. Nothing new, the same old thing. It has always been about getting accepted by society rather than thinking about yourself first. Hence, Angelica is fortunate to have a mother like Marianna.

Moreover, Marianna got Angelica tested, as children with these birthmarks can develop other health problems. But the girl was fine as ever. But they still need regular checkups, especially for her eyes, as glaucoma can be a concern. 

And at the end of the day, real beauty comes from within. The most beautiful and mesmerizing people are those with beautiful hearts who know how to respect others.

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