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Big Sister Creates An Art World In Their Driveway & Brings Joy To Her Little Brother.

Kids are creative. Sometimes their creativity outsmarts even adults. And when they use that creativity to create uncommon and beautiful things, we all can learn from them. This story is about one creative kid who did something no one thought of. During the quarantine period in 2020, a 14-year-old girl found a way to help her younger brother explore the world through drawings.

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After arriving in Australia, he played with kangaroos.



He is now up in the air with his dirt bike. Will he make it?



It looks like he is having a carrot cake and a smoothie in Hopper’s Diner.



A new destination, Sydney, Australia.



Her younger brother also visited the Taj Mahal in India with her drawings.

Their father captured all the chalk drawings from above using a drone. With 95 days and over 120 chalk landscapes created, Everett’s project shows that while travel may not be possible at that moment, there are ways to be productive and creative with our time while under quarantine.



Taking a journey by San Francisco trolley



It looks like someone is exploring Venice.

Macaire Everett is a 14-year-old from Libertyville, Illinois. Instead of lamenting about being unable to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, she took the initiative to recreate global landmarks with chalk on the driveway of her home.



He’s exploring China’s great wall.



He is having great fun with his sister’s drawings. Now he is jumping out of a water coaster.



Is he helping the Beatles cross the road there?



Why not visit Mount Etna in Sicily?



He is brave and fights with a knight castle behind them.



It is his time to go to the Egypt Pyramid with a camel.

Macaire Everett’s little brother is the subject in each picture. She did all these designs to entertain her little brother. You can see him featured in each artwork. Together, the siblings have traveled the world, visiting famous destinations.



Young brother riding in the beautiful carnival.



Let us have a swing.



Look who is here to explore the windmill tulip garden with his favorite bunny.



He does that pose everyone does when they visit the Pisa tower.



An alien is abducting him at Area 51.



He is scootering his way to St. Basil.



Aww. How creative and heartwarming this is. He is feeding a giraffe.

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