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Best Eloping Plans For Nature-Loving Outdoorsy Couples

Nowadays, most couples love to spend their time with their partners while enjoying outdoor events. If both you and your partner are nature lovers, you might not be happy to spend your wedding day following traditional activities. Perhaps you both will love to elope to a beautiful place to have an exciting experience instead of traditional wedding activities.

We believe that couples always deserve to celebrate the most important day of their lives according to their plans. So if you have some interesting elopement ideas with you, you can easily make this day a memorable one.

Are you planning to elope with your love but worrying about how, when, and where to begin your plans? We know you have a strong desire to celebrate your special day involved with outdoor activities. Do not worry. We are here to help you with a list of the best elopement ideas.

It will guide you on how to plan your elopement in the best way. More than that, it is also important to have a chat with your partner to make sure they are comfortable with your plans. We are pretty much sure that the eloping experience will be a great and exciting experience for you both. So you can follow our ideas and try to make the best out of it to enjoy your journey.


Image by chulmin park from Pixabay 

Camping experience with your partner often gives you the best experience of elopement. Imagine spending time with your loving partner inside a tent while having a lovely discussion with him or her. Spending a night camping is a romantic experience as it is a good opportunity to connect with nature. Especially if you both are an outdoorsy couple, you should not miss this chance to experience the beauty of mother nature.

Nothing will be able to make your day better than this wonderful experience. You can either rent a campervan, plan a campground, boondock, or go with a simple tent to get the camping experience. But do not forget to plan your activities to have a remarkable camping experience with your partner.Sunrise or Sunset Hike

Sunrise or Sunset Hike

Image by Ales Krivec from Pixabay 

Have you ever dreamed of traveling with your partner in a long way in hand to hand? Then this experience will be a great experience for you. Planning a hike during sunrise or sunset times will be an amazing chance to sightseeing beautiful views during your elopement. Sunrise and sunset time hikes are less crowded and more comfortable to travel. Therefore, if you can plan your hike during sunrise or sunset times, you will be able to get the most out of it.

 You can choose your destination by considering the time of the day and distance you wish to hike with your partner. Choosing a more private area as your destination will be great for you to celebrate your partner’s moment together.

Have you ever heard about wedding dress hiking? It is a lovely experience where the groom and the bride choose to hold their hands and hike in their wedding costumes. If you are interested, you can also plan to have this adventure elopement experience with your partner.

Backpacking Trip

Image by Steven Weirather from Pixabay 

A backpacking trip is a perfect idea for a couple who love to travel outdoors. A backpacking trip gives you an overall hiking experience, traveling, watching the stars, and many more experiences in one event. If both of you are eager to chase wildlife sceneries, a backpacking trip is a perfect plan that you should include in your elopement ideas. As the travelers have to travel lots of miles during the journey, you can enjoy your time with your partner. Before starting your journey, it is necessary to pack your backpacks to carry whatever you need during your journey. A backpacking trip will add adventurous and wonderful memories to your elopement plan.

Hammock Time

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

A hammock is a kind of a bed or a strong cloth tied in between two poles. Hammock time is a great moment to relax for you both after an exhausting day just after traveling. Time spending in the hammock will give the most romantic memories for an outdoorsy couple. Hammock time will give you some space to have a chat with your love freely. Meanwhile, you also can do romantic things with your partner, which will add more colors to your elopement day.  Imagine cuddling your love and spending some hammock time while tasting a beer and talking about the wonderful memories of your day. We assure you that nothing will make any sense in your life more than this romantic chatting moment.


Image by Артём Апухтин from Pixabay 

A bonfire is a great idea to celebrate your moments together at the end of your elopement day. Before making a bonfire, you have to consider these facts. You should be aware that the premises are allowed to light a bonfire or not. If the place is allowed, you can start to make a bonfire. It is important to drown the fire whenever you are leaving the place.

Bonfire light will provide you good light to take photos or video your lovely memories with your partner. Do not forget to take photos and videos of this lovely moment. When you are back home, you can take these most beautiful memories of your elopement day with you.

 It also needs to remember that having a bonfire without s’mores makes your bonfire experience an incomplete one. S’mores is a kind of delicious outdoor campfire treat. It is a treat made with toasted marshmallows, a layer of chocolates placed on graham crackers. Therefore, chatting and having s’mores in a bonfire will give you the perfect timing to finish your elopement day.


Image by speaks from Pixabay 

Boating is an excellent water experience for outdoorsy couples who wish to spend an elopement day. You can rent a boat to enjoy and celebrate every moment you both spend together. Either you can plan your day to have a boat ride on a lake or spend some time on the water by observing the river’s surroundings. Do you feel both of you want to get a more thrilling experience? You can also go water rafting by rafting over dangerous and rough parts of the river.

Helicopter Tour

Photo by Cameron Casey from Pexels

Are you bored of hearing common elopement ideas that many couples plan to do during their elopement days? Then how about a helicopter tour with your partner? Sounds really exciting, right? Having a helicopter tour during your elopement will add a different taste to your plan. You both will see the view of the naturally beautiful landscape from the sky when you are traveling in a helicopter. 

Have you ever feared traveling in a helicopter just because it has more possibilities to land in isolated areas? But this time you don’t have to worry about that thing. As it is your elopement day,  your partner will be there for you any time, no matter what happens. And above, do not you think these kinds of unexpected moments will add more interesting memories for your elopement day?


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you plan to choose the summer season for your elopement plan, swimming will make your day. Couples can have their swimming experience near a waterfall, pristine mountain lake, or sheltered place in a river.

As an elopement day plan, you can get into the water with your wedding costumes. But couples also choose to change their clothes into swimming costumes as they are comfortable. You can get your partner’s ideas and make your decision to get a memorable swimming experience during your elopement day.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Hot air balloons are huge balloons with heated air or other gases. It includes a hanging basket where people can get in and ride hot air balloons. Like helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides are also not a very common plan for an elopement day. But it is the best way to observe scenery from the sky and enjoy the moment with your partner. A hot air balloon ride makes a little sound or no sound while traveling. And as it moves at a slow speed, this moment will be perfect to have a romantic heart-to-heart conversation with your partner.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

I believe stargazing is the most beautiful experience that a loving couple can get during their elopement day. Stargazing with your partner is a peaceful, deeply romantic experience. Can there be a more romantic moment than laying under the stars and thinking about the universe while having your loving partner next to you? You will also have the opportunity to wish upon a shooting star if you are lucky.

I love to do stargazing as it always makes me remember how huge this universe is more than our world. Additionally, you can prepare a soft music track that suits you best for your stargazing moment. It will make your mood and give you both an amazing, unforgettable experience.stargazing moment. It will make your mood and give you both an amazing, unforgettable experience.


Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay 

The zip-lining experience is especially for outdoorsy couples seeking exciting, adventurous experiences. Zip-lining will be a super thrilling experience for those who seek to pump their adrenaline levels. Therefore if both of you wish to go together, it is also possible to side to side zip lines specially designed for couples. These adventures memories will make your day if you both are adrenaline junkies who plan for an elopement day.

Romantic picnic

Image by dario3274 from Pixabay 

A romantic picnic is a great moment you should spend with your partner on your elopement day. Both of you need to stay energized to do whatever you have planned throughout your elopement day. Therefore this moment will be a great chance to relax with your partner while enjoying your meals. Anyway, you have to allocate some time to enjoy your meals while traveling. Don’t you think it is best to plan a romantic picnic to add more colorful memories to your elopement day?

Waterfall chasing

Waterfall chasing is another best idea to add to your elopement day plans. You can choose a specific area and visit all the waterfalls within that area with your partner. Partners will also love to join you on this plan to chase waterfalls.  Therefore, you can get the best waterfall experience chasing if you plan to travel by car.  Imagine enjoying the beauty of the waterfall while staying inside a window down car and listening to a playlist. You can also explore the natural sceneries of the environment and have a little adventure while chasing waterfalls.

Mountain Biking

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

During your elopement day, you both should do whatever makes you both happy. If you both love to do mountain biking, a mountain biking ride is a perfect plan for your elopement day. Biking with your wedding costumes might not be very comfortable for you. Therefore you can change your costumes before riding. Mountain biking inside the woods with your partner will give you a thrilling experience during your elopement day. You can choose different trials as per your wish to do mountain biking. We suggest you do the best thing, which will give you both a blissful experience that lasts forever.

There are many more outdoor activities that best suit an elopement day for an outdoorsy couple. We believe elopement plans are best because they always provide an opportunity for couples to enjoy their moments together without timelines and traditional rules. We also suggest taking a photographer with you to capture every loving moment together.

Try to match our best ideas with your elopement plans to make your elopement day the best of all.

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