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Artist presents his struggle with depression in a way you could only imagine.

Depression is a painful feeling sometimes we meet in our lives. As much as it is hard to cooperate with depression, it is not easy to get rid of it from ourselves. In those times, we always try to find a light in the darkness that delves into our souls. Yet we all find a way to battle it.

Not sure you are doing it? 

The proof is right here; you are reading this article. You chose not to quit and keep battling with depression. Today we will tell you about someone fighting the battle against depression in his own ways.

Planeta channeling his feeling creatively

Artist and graphic designer Dawid Planeta proves that you can battle depression with ways to relieve stress. He expresses his emotions through creativity in his collection of grayscale artwork set in a mystical place, conjuring enormous monsters. As we mentioned, he is the perfect example you can channel your feelings into creative works. 


In this collection he created, which he named the ‘Mini People in the jungle,’ he reflects on his struggle with depression by illuminating the mental journey through many difficult circumstances he had to go. He said in his own words that the series tells the tale of a man who ventures into chaos and darkness in quest of himself.

Find your inner strength within your character

Do you see the little character that features throughout the series? 

It might be Planeta himself. He is seen heroically battling the menacing jungle creatures, each of which has luminous eyes that shine light into the shadows, as he makes his way through the fog-filled maze. They appear to be leading him through the dense bush to help him discover his inner fortitude and return with it. 

Planeta also explained what this crucial detail means. 

He stated that he returns there fearlessly once the little man learns who he is. That is because it is a part of who he is, and he goes there. You cannot overlook this facet of human nature. The sad and light sides of life must both be known. 

See how he looks at depression from an entirely new perspective?

A lesson you need to learn

Planeta teaches a new way to cope with depression with his artwork series. He explains to himself that depression is difficult to manage, but with effort, you may stop viewing it as a flaw and transform it into something unique.

That is what he aims to accomplish with his art too. Looking closely, you can see enthusiasm, passion, and joy among the dark, enigmatic, and frightening things he is trying to portray. You must see with an open mind.

More images from the series Mini People in the Jungle by Polish artist Dawid Planeta, which depicts his fight with depression, are displayed below. Amid the enormous animals, the small figure intrepidly battles its way through the fog-filled labyrinth. The light from their glowing eyes guided him through the shadows. 

Dawid Planeta: Behance | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

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