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Are You Wondering How to Adult? This High School Has Everything Ready for You.

What does a typical high school teach you?

Are you a typical student of a public school? Or a parent who has a child in school at the moment? However: you all know how we pressure ourselves over Science, Maths, Physics, English, and many other vast subjects. But do we implement those theories in real–life activities? Or do our schools encourage us to do that? We bet the answer is no.

What was missing?

What you learn at school is what makes your future. But is that enough? Do you find students who know how to fix a flat tire even though they get high marks in Physics? Do you find Social studies put into day-to-day life? That’s rare. Isn’t it? So, there is undoubtedly something missing in the way of learning and teaching. Being an adult is much more different than what school implies. They have a lot on their plates. Once you are released into the world, you have to make a living beyond theoretical matters. 

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A solution from FERN CREEK High School

So that’s why this one high school decided to make a little change. Fern Creek High School now offers a class “Adulting 101”. This Louisville, Kentucky school put together a 3-day course to teach the students about things they should know when they are out in the world. Sarah Wilson-Abell is the teacher who put together the course.

The “Adulting 101”

Students will learn to cook, hang their pictures on the wall, and do other adult tasks during their classes. Moreover, there is a particular curriculum when it comes to the course. The course is divided into three parts. At first, they are going to start with money. Then the second day, they will learn about Health and Home. In the end, they will cover topics about how to be professional after your time as a student.

Student review

WLKY News talked to some of the students. And one of them, Lilly, spoke about what she learned in this particular class. She had learned a lot of information in the Adulting class. And she also said that she would not have known any of that if it were not for this class. For example, she said that she had a spare tire in her car but did not know what to do with it. However, now she knows how to use it thanks to the school’s latest decision.

Every student should learn the lesson of “Adulting 101”.

In a somewhat competitive world, teaching has come to the point that it is just about theories for exams and students’ future dreams. But on the other hand, people lost their practical selves in the process. Every person, regardless of what gender they are, should know how to do specific tasks on their own. Especially as an adult, you should be able to cook your meal and take a few quick actions in unpredictable situations.

It’s not a lie that there are parents who teach the same thing the Adulting class teaches. But it is a first-time experience for a lot of students. Learning these skills early in life is an added advantage. Such skills will make things easier as they get older. That is why we should encourage our kids to learn such life-worthy lessons too.

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