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Anime Characters That Represent Your Country! Fantastic creations by Japanese artists for the Tokyo Olympics.

You already know that Japan was the host nation for this year’s Olympic Games. The event took place in Tokyo. It was the years’ biggest event celebrating sports and different countries of the world. Sports enthusiasts all over the world enjoyed the games to the fullest. It was one of the most memorable sporting events in recent times.

Besides the games and winners, a major highlight of this year was the anime artwork. These illustrations were unofficial promotions done by some brilliant Japanese anime artists.

These artists decided to use their artistry to promote the Tokyo Olympics. Their creativity made the celebration even better.

Some of the most talented anime artists took part in this project. They designed fantastic anime sports competitors to represent each of the participating countries.

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Wait till you see the drawings. They look terrific.

These talented artists made the characters look strong and competitive. They created the characters that way to match the sporty vibe of the ceremony. The best part is that you can recognize the country they represent at first glance at a figure. That is because these characters carry the significance of their countries in their appearance.

The artists made the characters have personalities based on their respective nations. The creators found inspiration from each country’s culture, national identity, and history to personify each figure. They incorporated all such details to create an accurate representation of each nation. You can see the reflection of the countries through the character designs.

When you look at these drawings, you cannot help but be amazed. Take a look at the choice of outfits, color palettes, accessories, and assets. They chose everything carefully to symbolize each country perfectly. It is fascinating how well they captured the uniqueness of every nation.

Each of these characters is different and has its signature look and identity to them. These illustrations showcase the beautiful diversity of the world. That is the perfect way to symbolize what the Olympics stand for too.

Most of the time, opinions on character drawings are subjective; you may like it or not. After all, it is a personal preference. However, the character designs made for the Olympics got a lot of love from around the world.

People appreciated how much thought and effort the artists put into creating each figure. They also felt like the illustrations perfectly captured the identity of their countries. Other than that, the sheer talent these artists showcased got a lot of admiration too!

These anime characters became one of the most memorable parts of this year’s Olympics.

You can find more information about this project on  world-flags.org | Twitter

You must be eager to see the drawings. Well, you are in luck because we made a list of 30 pieces of artwork for you. So without further ado, check them out!

South Africa









The artists also emphasized that this project is not a part of the official promotion for the Olympics event. ‘World Flags’ is not part of the Olympics. They only wanted to be involved in contributing.

These artists wanted to be a part of the celebration through their art. They believe that art can be the perfect medium to celebrate cultural differences. Especially anime has the power to strengthen the connection between Japanese culture and other countries of the world. Also, it can showcase diversity at the same time.








The artists got the idea for this fantastic project after recognizing how diverse the world is. They wanted to portray how beautiful diversity is. Such diversity is what you get to see in their illustrations.

They wanted people to see how remarkable the diversity in our world is. That is the message they try to convey through these drawings.




South Korea


The artists explained that they have so much respect for all the countries and their values. They also said they understand how valuable the flags are to each country. Flags are symbols that hold the identity of a nation. The artists drew inspiration from them to create these incredible illustrations. By no means they wanted to disrespect any country or culture. They wanted to make sure that their illustrations respectfully represented every nation.










When this project first started, six artists were working on it. After a while, more creators joined the team to add their artistic skills.

Their main aim was to create a fantastic character for every participating country. Yes, It sounds lovely- however, it was not as easy as it sounds. It was a lot of work. As you know, so many countries participated in the event. That means they had to create that many characters. They had to do thorough research on all those nations’ cultural backgrounds, history, and identities. So no wonder that the whole project took over a year to complete.

Nevertheless, the artists did not want to give up until every participating nation got a character. 

Can you just imagine how exhausting that must have been?

They deserve a lot of appreciation.

Fortunately, the entire world thought so too! Their efforts did pay off. The positive feedback from all the countries showed that they did justice to every country.

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