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An eight-year-old autistic girl who baked scones for elderly and vulnerable people during lockdown period.

Riah Totten is an eight years old autistic girl who resides in Belfast. She is a little girl who has a keen interest in playing football. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, Riah had to stay at home, and she could not enjoy her time with her favorite sport. Therefore, this little girl started to bake scones to keep herself busy during the pandemic. Scones are a delicious food item made using flour, fat, milk, and fruits, etc.; She wished to offer these delicious scones for the older people and the people who are vulnerable during this pandemic period.

 Amanda Dobbin, the mother of Riah, also had previous experiences of baking more than 300 scones for the pensioners who lived in Clonduff, Belvoir, Cregagh, Revenhill. This time, both mother and daughter have worked together to bake hundreds of scones to serve these people. Their ingredients included six bags of flour, four liters of milk, one bag of sugar, a cooking oil bottle, 12 eggs, and salt. They have made a huge effort to bake these scones by waking and starting their work at about 6.30 am. After they had started baking, they had continued their work until the middle of the day.

They have only baked 120 scones on their first day. But as their work piled up, they had to work a bit fast and efficiently. As a result of that, Riah and her mother could bake 265 scones right after the next day. And do you know why these scones are very much special?  These scones were not common plain scones that we can find easily in the market. They have added various ingredients such as cherries, coconut, and chocolate chips to make these scones very special and yummy.

As a tribute to Riah’s hard-working, Fionnuala Jay-O’ Boyle, the Lord-Lieutenant of Belfast, had posted a Twitter message to appreciate this little girl.  She has shown that this little girl’s attempt showed her kindness towards the older adults who live in the community. In her twitter text, she has thanked Riah for serving scones for elderly and vulnerable individuals in south and east Belfast.

Ellen Preston was another woman who greatly appreciated little Riah’s hard work. Ellen has mentioned that her mother loved to have these delicious scones. She also has wished good luck for this little Riah to continue her baking for a long time.

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