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A US Man Woke Up To His Past In 1993 After A Motor Accident & Proposed To His Wife Again.

A man who survived an accident in the U.S. last year proposed to his wife again. The first person he asked was his wife, who was with him during the incident. He then proposed to his wife, who said yes again.

On June 17, Andrew Mackenzie and his wife, Kristy, were on their way home after a family gathering when a car collided with their motorcycle. The Mackenzies were rushed to the ER. After recovering from their injuries, Andrew woke up in a hospital bed and realized it was 1993.

Image credits-Kristy Riggleman Mackenzie 

According to his wife, who is 54, he knew her well, but he could see through her. She said that it was the scariest day of her life.

Even doctors thought his life would never be the same after the accident. But, after 29 years of being apart, the man and his wife were able to get back together. They renewed their vows in August in North Carolina.

After the accident, which seriously injured her husband, Kristy said yes to the proposal. She had no idea that Andrew was in a severe condition.

They first got married in 1985, and the couple says their love has kept them both alive. Even though they have been hit by cars, they believe their love for each other will never stop.

Image credits-Kristy Riggleman Mackenzie 

The connection between Andrew and Kristy dates back to June 1984, when they went camping in Virginia.

According to her, she knew that Andrew was the one when they first met.

Initially, their romance was not easy to maintain. While she was living in Fort Bragg, Andrew was in the Army stationed in nearby Fort Bragg. He would often visit her in the city of Harrisonburg, which was about 10 miles away from their home. By August, Andrew and Kristy were officially dating.

Andrew was ordered to move to Germany, and he proposed to his girlfriend. Even though they were not dating very long, he said there was nobody else for him in the world.

Kristy and Andrew wanted to stay together.

They married on March 31, 1985, almost a year following their first meeting. She was a high school student at that time. Before going to Europe, she took her exams early.

She was a high school junior when they got married. They tied the knot on March 31. She went to Europe for her senior year at a military base.

A concussion resulted in Andrew breaking several bones in his back, including his two T-vertebrae. He also suffered a fractured left pelvis bone, several ribs, and his nose. On the other hand, fellow participant, Kristy, suffered a concussion and multiple broken bones, including her back.

Due to his injuries, Andrew was airlifted to a medical facility in Virginia, where he underwent emergency surgery.

It took Andrew, who has been married to her for 37 years, realizing the extent of his injuries to realize that his wife, who didn’t remember a lot of their lives together, had been seriously injured.


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