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A Story Of A Breastfeeding Mother Who Received A Gift For Breastfeeding In Public

Some stories must be shared as they are too beautiful to be kept locked. Most of the time, they are inspirational with a lovely message to the world. And sometimes, they would bring the reader a smile or a tear—how this story is something special that we must look at with an approving eye. 

Breastfeeding in public is one thing that is being criticized largely. It mainly depends on society’s cultural values and the education level of these matters among the people. Today, in most parts of the world, it is openly accepted that infants need to be fed when and where they need it. So, in the Western world, it is assumed that breastfeeding in public is nothing magic. 

But in some parts of the world, feeding an infant in public is considered unacceptable and disgraceful. Some of the comments and reactions these mothers receive are harsh and hurtful. People judge you most cruelly. So, women have been condemned for breastfeeding in public. 

This excellent and heartwarming story shows how women can encourage and empower one another for this cause. 

So, this is the story of a mother who broke the barriers!

Jackie Johnson Smith is a young mother, age 33. She was celebrating her birthday with her husband and three kids at dinner. It was a Pizza dinner at one of the best pizza restaurants in Des Moines. The youngest soon began to fuss, and Jackie had to leave the table to feed the baby. She had no other choice but to calm him down but to nurse. All the methods she chose were a waste. So she grabbed a cover from her bag, threw it over, and started to nurse the baby.

While this was happening in the booth, the waitress came. Jackie expected the usual harsh reaction to her actions, but the waitress gave her enough space to feed her child. Then, when her husband went to pay the bill, it was much more! She received a pleasant surprise with a note thanking her for breastfeeding her child. 

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According to the waitress’s point of view, she too admires the situation with great love. She wanted to support this mother who dared to feed her child publicly. As a person who had felt and undergone the case, the waitress felt the movement and how much it means to receive public support in an instance like this. Only a few understood the importance of breastfeeding and how it would support the child in terms of nutrition and the immune system. 

Life is different for everyone, and it is not easy as well. Each of us has various matters and challenges in life to face. So this is one! Apart from the regular stress in life, the new mother has a complete set of unique challenges she has to deal with daily. Illnesses, diseases, loss, and stress are some of the most common. 

This incident in the restaurant has opened the eyes of many, and it is a new phase of life for the entire society; it is heart-warming and sets a perfect example for humanity. Society should not be judgemental but should support all the mothers who struggle with breastfeeding in public. 

This is an excellent chance to show the world that breastfeeding is not a crime. Incidents like these should be appreciated and highlighted to give value and promote the concept of breastfeeding. It is high time to increase awareness of the importance of breast milk to a child, and no mother should compromise with that. The social eye should be trained to respect and appreciate the effort. So let us respect the fact and help and support all the mothers who nurse their kids amidst all the difficulties in life. 

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