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A Rare Disease Could Not Stop This Talented Girl!

Mina Rose is a little artist who lives in North Carolina. But when you look at her drawings, you will be surprised that a six-year-old girl drew those. To tell how good they are due to people’s requests, this little girl has started her website to sell her paintings.

Mina lives with her mom and dad. She was born in Spain with Crouzon Syndrome. To let more people know who she is, Mina also has started a social media page. Check it out from HERE.

The rare disease that affected little Mina

One of the craniofacial region’s genetic conditions, Crouzon Syndrome, affects both the bones in her skull and the midface. Her sutures were entirely closed, and her brain was being squeezed. Usually, a baby’s skull sutures are open and gradually shut over time as the brain grows.

Because her midface bones had already fused and closed off the airway from my nose to Mina’s neck, she could not breathe. In her brief life, Mina had close to 30 surgeries. Because her brain is essential, most of them were neurosurgical procedures. Still, Mina also underwent many ENT, GI, and other minor surgeries to thrive and improve her quality of life.

Mina had a rough start.

She got off to a rough start, and there were a few incidents where she did not allow anything to stand in the way of her goals. Mina currently has a VP shunt to help with her head pressure, a G Tube to ensure that she gets big and strong, and a Tracheotomy to aid in her breathing.

Nothing can stop this ambitious little girl.

Mina is a gregarious, bright, and spirited young lady. She adores nature, animals, the ocean, and painting. Mina wants to work with animals when she is older, run a small farm, and make universally uplifting art. Mina hopes that people will be inspired and more aware of her page. 

Remember to visit her official page from here.

And also you can buy her amazing artworks from her website minasworld.us

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