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A pit bull left to dead gave birth to three puppies while tied to a tree.

Sometimes, we hear moments that make us ask, is there any humanity left in this world? 

Have not a hundred thousand years of civilization taught humans anything? 

The story you will hear is about the tragedy and pureness of human nature in this world.

The owner took her to the woods.

Pitbull is a notable dog for its breed. They are the fighters in the club, and they take the lead in the ring. It is all because of their small but muscled stature. They also have rare qualities like being loveable and loyal until their last day. 

So, who does not want to raise these dogs with big hearts like a family?

This Pitbull’s owner, however, had that opportunity and missed it. He does not deserve it. 


He abandoned his Pitbull in a forest, proving more how dehumanized he is; he left her tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Townspeople ignored her

She had no water, no food. She was there in the cold, shivering, getting wet in the rain, and burning in the sunlight. Lara, the Pitbull from Nafplio, Greece, was left for dead.  

Didn’t she bark for help? 

Had no one seen her left for dead in the forest? It is the other shocking thing. They knew. People of the town knew Lara was there, but no one had the heart to rescue her. Why? Because of her breed, no one wanted to acknowledge her.

Lara was pregnant.

Nobody is certain of the length of time this adorable pup was abandoned and whether or not her owner knew she was pregnant. She gave birth to four cute puppies while trapped in the woods, terrified and in pain.

Her savior came to rescue Lara.

Lara was not well-fed. She remained tied to the tree. However, she performed her duties as a mother to the puppies. She fed and looked after them for ten agonizingly long days. Then the day came. A savior that was in the forest came to rescue her. While no one in the village wanted to care for Lara directly, someone reported her to animal control. That person made animal control aware that a dog was tied up in the woods and was suffering.

Animal control did not waste a second. As soon as rescuers came to find Lara, they met a malnourished, extremely dehydrated dog. They were amazed to see the puppies she had been nurturing, nursing, and protecting. Over ten days, these five puppies went through a lot, but sadly the youngest pup did not survive. Their mother was a hero to the other three.

Lara and the puppies found a new home.

Lara and her babies needed help now more than ever, so the rescue crew acted swiftly to provide it. They coordinated the transfer of Lara and her puppies to one of their foster homes. Lucky for Lara. Linda, from The Orphan Pet, rescued Lara and brought the four adorable puppies with her.

Loving the new owner was difficult for her at first

But it was not a pleasant beginning to their adventure together. Lara was wary of her new owner and felt threatened by her. She became so upset that she refused to eat. When Lara realized Linda was there to support and come to her aid, she started to unwind and revert to her stereotyped position as a devoted and lovable puppy.

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