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A photographer takes photos of his unique son and daughter – one black and one white.

Every newborn baby is special in its way. It does not matter who they are, what race, or religion; it does not even matter what they did during their lives. At the same time, several special babies do stand out from the rest.

However, some children truly stand out from the rest; they are truly unique. Nigerian-Canadian photographer, Judith Nwokocha’s twins, should be included in this category, and they truly are extraordinary. Kamis is Judith’s dark-skinned, black-haired, and brown-eyed son. Kachi is his twin sister, and she is albino.

Judith shared: “I went for my first scan, and I remember them telling me, ‘You’re having a baby.’ and I said, ‘No, I’m having two.’ I knew without a doubt,” as noted in the reports.

“When the second scan revealed that we’re having twins, I was told that there was a chance that the twins might have Down syndrome.”

“Kachi, who was seven weeks old, always was behind, was extremely small, and had kept falling. The doctors informed me that she might not live. I am thankful she made it.”

“She wasn’t crying at the beginning, so I thought what would happen and how would she be?

“I thought that they were handing me someone else’s baby and I was shocked. I did not believe that she was mine.”

But Judith confessed after experiencing the shock: “I was just happy that she was perfect – they were both safe and just stressed me for nothing.”

The only thing that makes her look different is her skin color except that she looks exactly like me.”

Of course, Kachi is an absolutely fine little girl aside from delicate skin and eyesight. Though she does get some attention on the street, Judith is not concerned with that, and neither should she be.

She said: “When I finally understood that I was pregnant with an albino, I was extremely worried about what others would think. Having an albino and a black baby is somewhat unusual.”

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