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A Mother Who Seemed Shameful In A Stranger’s Eyes For Not Getting Covered Up While Breastfeeding

A unique bond forms between a newborn and a mom even before birth. At the moment of conception, a mom develops immense love and adoration for her bundle of joy. Most significantly, the baby and the mom have their own happiness and bonding time through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift given by nature to women who dedicate their youth lives to their children. 

However, people have different opinions about breastfeeding in public as they see it through different cultural eyes. But we all should consider this as a non-shameful act. Even at present, it is not a secret that we all see mothers who breastfeed their babies even in public transport and on various occasions. But most people do not care nor consider it an unsuitable act because most of us know how important it is for a newborn and how difficult it is to ignore the circumstances of a baby getting hungry.

Breast milk is the source that provides a baby with ideal nutrition and supports growth and development. And it is an excellent source of protection against illnesses as well. A newborn can get hungry anytime, and the mother must provide her with milk. So the freedom for a mother to breastfeed in public should be supported.

But according to their perspectives, some people find it ungraceful and shameful to breastfeed without a cover. This is the story of Melanie Dudley from Texas. Who went through a similar situation in 2018.

Image credits – Melanie Libson Dudley

She was feeding her 3-month-old baby at a restaurant, and everyone was okay with it except one stranger. The stranger was at the nearest table and was bothered by how Melanie didn’t cover herself while breastfeeding. He went as far as to complain about it to Melanie himself. Melanie expressed herself about the situation.

Melanie told Yahoo she was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with her family, and a strange man asked her to cover up. And she also admitted that they were in the back of the restaurant.

She further told Today that she had the cover with her but decided not to use it as it was too hot and the baby was sweating. So she told the stranger she did not care and took the cover off, putting it on her head instead.

Image credits – Melanie Libson Dudley

She explained that she felt like doing it and went with it. It was her response as she was speechless and had no words to say to the stranger.

Another woman who witnessed the situation said Melanie was very impressive and remarkable. She took a photo of the mom and the baby and captioned, “I’ve never met her, but I think she’s AWESOME!!!.” And the picture was shared 225,000 times immediately. It went viral, and Melanie got lots of supporters by her side in this matter.

Image credits – Melanie Libson Dudley

Some of us can indeed get uncomfortable and uneasy near a breastfeeding woman. People need clarification about where to look or what to do. It is primarily possible via public transportation. Especially young women can get shy and uncomfortable as well. But can we let our feelings and insecurities take over an essential of a newborn baby? No, right? So we must get used to it and consider it a natural activity.

Moreover, do any of you think about how a mother feels about breastfeeding? It was also hard for them at the start because they were all ordinary young women without any experience of being a mother. Motherly love overcomes everything, and they start to pay attention to their children’s wants and needs other than the public. It is women’s right to decide if they want to cover up according to what they are comfortable with.

So breastfeeding in public should be considered beautiful instead of shameful.

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