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A Lovely Couple Turned Their Wedding Into A Christmas Miracle At Leavenworth Reindeer Farm.

While scrolling through the infinite loop of Facebook, we find stories that nurture us with love and care. This extraordinary story of a Christmas Themed wedding is from Kate Heard. This beautiful woman married his best friend at this time last year. Before we get to this beautiful story, enjoy the couple’s dream Christmas wedding in a snowy forest at a reindeer farm.

Kate could fulfill her dream wedding with her husband Ben in the Christmas spirit.

Kate and Ben had nothing but happy smiles on their faces. Their dream came true on that day.

What is more impressive than having your loving partner as a Christmas present? Kate and Ben wrapped themselves in this beautiful Christmas-themed wedding.

Kate could not be more than happy to share their first-anniversary celebrating happiness with the Most Christmassy group on Facebook. The Christmas Decorations Lovers Facebook page dedicates itself to all lovers of Christmas and decorations of the most beautiful time of the year. Kate believes this is the perfect group to share exciting news who could give honest appreciation, love, and support.

Kate and Ben make a perfect match. Having their wedding with real reindeer made it the ideal Christmas-themed wedding.

It says it is about love and not place or age. But for these two best friends they made sure to make their dream come true during the best time of the year and at the best location anyone could think of.

Kate and Ben were both happy on that day that they could make their dream wedding happen with real reindeer.

Reindeer, Christmas, and Snow. Kate and Ben couldn’t be more thoughtful.

Real reindeer at the farm gave them a memorable Christmas moment.

Kate married her best friend at a reindeer farm during the most memorable time of the year for the reindeer too. Christmas brings joy and happiness to everyone. Kate and Ben celebrated the best day of their lives during the best month, making the moment special. Kate also mentioned in the Christmas Decorations Lovers group’s post that they finished the photoshoot of their dream wedding right before the “Cloudy with a Chance of a Christmas” movie crew came to film in that unique reindeer farm.

It was a unique wedding. And it had its special dressings and wearing for the occasion.

Kate and Ben were taking their vows in the snow.

A windstorm could not stop the power of Kate and Ben’s Love

Kate mentioned in her post that after they finished their wedding photo shoot at Leavenworth Reindeer farm, a surprise windstorm up in the mountains meant taking shelter in the forest for their vows as the snow they had prayed so hard for began softly falling as the preacher started talking.

Kate also said in the post she posted on the Christmas Decorations Lovers Facebook group celebrating their wedding anniversary that she only had a couple of their sneak peek photos a year back then to share with the group. So Kate happily shared a few more photos from their special day this year. She said there is no better group to appreciate the magic of a Christmas-themed wedding than the Christmas Decorations Lovers Facebook group members. Kate also left a message for other lovers. She says they should do it if they are contemplating a Christmas wedding. And that they will love the magic of it every year.

Their prayers worked. Windstorm passed. Wedding vows given. It was a beautiful Christmas-themed wedding.

This fantastic landscape at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm in Leavenworth, Washington, gave Kate and Ben a tremendous view on their special day.

The windstorm could not disturb Ben and Kate’s wedding. They married in the snow, and the sun shone on them.

The day almost came to an end. Ben and Kate could celebrate their Christmas-themed wedding on a fantastic landscape at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm. Real reindeer and snow surrounded them in between their love for each other.

photographer-Sarah Jane Brown

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