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A Kind Veterinarian Gives A New Life To Every Animal That Comes For Her Help.

Being a veterinarian is a challenging yet rewarding profession that involves caring for animals and ensuring their health and well-being. Veterinarians provide medical care and advice to a wide range of animals, from household pets such as cats and dogs to exotic animals and farm animals. Apart from providing medical care, veterinarians educate pet owners on proper animal care and nutrition and guide behavior management. This story is about a caring veterinary surgeon who did her duties perfectly and more.

Pumpkin, the blind vixen, had an injury.

Ana Lapaz-Mendez is a veterinary surgeon dedicated to treating all kinds of animals at a clinic in Watford, northwest of London. In October 2020, she posted on her Instagram a heartwarming story about her experience treating Pumpkin, a female fox who had arrived at the clinic with two broken legs and was close to death.

Ana said on Instagram that Pumpkin was their little warrior. Foxes are super resilient and true fighters. And that was why she thought Pumpkin deserved a chance, the same chance she would have given her dog or cat because they wanted to live as much as humans. She also said that, so as long as she wanted to fight, they would fight with her.

Pumpkin recovered slowly.

The conditions were not excellent, but Lapaz-Mendez refused to give up on Pumpkin. She gave her the same care and attention she would give to her pets. The vet even went so far as to build a recovery hammock for Pumpkin so she wouldn’t have to curl up on her broken legs.

But Lapaz-Mendez’s compassion for Pumpkin didn’t end there. She couldn’t bear to let her go, so she took her home to provide her with a nurturing environment. Pumpkin soon became friends with Lapaz-Mendez’s rescue dog, Croqueta, and over time, she began to heal and reveal more of her sparky fox personality.

Watch how fast Croqueta is HERE.

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Jack and the three musketeers

Jack is a charming west-highland white terrier Ana adopted. Although Jack has a spinal tumor that leaves him paralyzed, Jack does not lose his determination and joy for life. He is unstoppable and becomes the pack’s leader thanks to two wheels attached to his hind legs.

Jack quickly became a role model for Pumpkin. On every walk, Pumpkin follows the jingle on Jack’s harness, and Jack, always eager to carve a path, makes sure Pumpkin is keeping up. Together, these unlikely animal friends travel through mud holes and leaf piles. They never let their disabilities get in the way of living their best lives.

Watch Jack and Pumpkin down on the road HERE.

Caring for foxes

Foxes may be cute, but Lapaz-Mendez advises against keeping them as pets. Foxes require a lot of space and freedom, and it can take them a long time to trust humans. They also tend to climb fences and dig tunnels. And that can cause problems for homeowners. Lapaz-Mendez encourages those who find injured or orphaned foxes to work with their veterinarian to find a sanctuary where they can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

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Pumpkin’s story shows us the resilience of animals and the dedication of those who work to save them. Despite the challenges, being a veterinarian is a fulfilling profession that allows one to impact the lives of animals and their owners positively. Lapaz-Mendez’s unwavering commitment to her patients, whether cats, dogs, or foxes, is a quality we all should admire. As she said on her Instagram, it was not just about saving lives but about giving them a quality of life.

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